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If you are stumbling across this post then you like myself may have an interest in the world of beauty, makeup, haircare, skincare, nail art and self presentation in its entirety. This wordpress blog has been created out of the need for a personal creative outlet for myself, SJW.

I am not a particularly creative person, I do not enjoy writing stories, nor do I posses any passion in relation to painting and the thought of sewing makes my head hurt. However, since around the age of 13 I have been obsessed with the beauty and makeup industry. This love affair began with my first ever beauty product being a foundation from the body shop. Ever since this initial and ill-conceived purchase, I’ve been hooked. Whilst many young women of my age enjoy wearing makeup and purchasing it, for me it has developed into a hobby and passion which I have decided I ought to pursue more openly, and hopefully share my experiences, loves, hates, mistakes and successes with others.

So please join me on a journey of discovering new product, techniques, colours, finishes, formulations and brands. Discussing everything beauty and self presentation from the view point of a nineteen year old girl from the centre of the east coast of Australia.

Watch this space.

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