Makeup Brushes

Brush cleaning – the ultimate chore.

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that a couple of days ago when a rainy summer storm was covering my east coast, Australian home, I took this as an opportunity to give my brushes a much needed bath!

I understand that deep cleaning brushes is essential to their longevity and ensuring that your brushes will maintain their colour, softness and shape, but I’ll let you in on a badly kept secret, I hate washing my brushes! I find it boring, tedious and my hands prune up quickly resulting in feeling 40 years older after a couple of swirls of my face brushes. Cleaning my brushes is something that I wish a little fairy would come and do overnight while I’m sleeping, and I would wake up and they would be done.

This hope has brought not success to my brush collection. So, I will continue to be cleaning my brushes in quiet opposition, but it has to be done. Once I have finished deep cleaning them there is a sense of satisfaction, but there is also the hatred that they will get dirty again after one day of doing my makeup, and it all feels like it was for nothing.

P.S Thank you for anyone that follows my Instagram account as I surpassed 50 followers overnight! A small milestone, but a great start in my eyes, and if you don’t follow my account is @faceofsjw, would love to see you over there!

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