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On Tuesday I went on a wildly spontaneous shopping trip with a friend of mine, and as per usual we ended up at my closest Mecca Maxima store at Macquarie Centre, across from my University and around one hour away from my home. Mecca Maxima is a bit of a black hole in regards to my wallets status, but as far as my makeup goes it’s really the best thing to happen since, well ever. To anyone not from Australia Mecca Maxima is in my eyes the Australian equivalent of a Sephora store. They¬†stock Bobbi Brown, Nars, Too Faced, YSL, Smashbox, Bare Minerals, Hourglass and a couple more, it is missing some brands, but considering the generally terrible nature of the Australian makeup industry compared to the US, I like to think that Mecca Maxima does pretty well. I would have to say however to me the best part about the stores are their ever fantastic staff! Never have I been into a Mecca Maxima store and not been treated like I was the queen herself. All the staff I have dealt with are incredible and so helpful, and the girl that helped me on the Wednesday exemplified my previous beliefs, she spent 15 minutes finding me the Bare Mineral ‘Lash Domination’ mascara and was just a beautiful soul!

Although I am sure that some Mecca Maxima employees have bad days, I have never experienced anything other than the best customer service possible! In other designer, luxury, high end and pricey makeup brands and stores I have experienced less than desirable customer service from staff members that either did not think I had the money to be spending or just didn’t feel like being helpful, not sure there, but no such treatment at Mecca Maxima!

Back to the mascara! It is the Bare Minerals ”Lash Domination” mascara in black, non-waterproof and cost me $22AUD. To me that was a great price for a luxury mascara, considering that in Australia a MAC lipstick will set you back around $36AUD in a MAC store, you don’t have to tell me that Australia makeup prices are ludicrous, because I am well aware! Regardless this mascara has stolen my heart and the attention of my eyelashes! It is a blackest black kind of colour that any great mascara ought to be, it creates those full lashes that are lengthened without being that boring kind that lacks volume and fullness, it’s just the perfect mascara! If you’re looking for a comparison it’s similar to the Benefit They’re Real in non-waterproof, but I think that the Bare Minerals is slightly more volumising which is right up my alley! Photos of tube packaging and brush are below! So have a geez!

Long story short, if you’re looking for a great new mascara that you know will get the job done with having to apply forty coats resulting in three eyelashes per eyelid, which just ain’t cute! Have a lovely day wherever you are!

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