Jumbo lip balm/stains!

Good evening, if you follow my Instagram account you would have seen my recent post regarding jumbo lip balm/stains/pencils/chubby sticks/crayons. The concept was something that came to much popularity during 2014 as every brand seemed to come out with their own version of the jumbo lip crayon concept which I believe was initially created by Clinque chubby stick collection. From memory these were not hugely celebrated, but every other brand came out with their version and there were quite a few very popular versions.

In my eyes these were a genius invention that was designed for a lazy person such as my self that loves all kinds of different colours and finishes but loves to slap something on in the car, and doesn’t revolve around the use of lipliner!

My personal favourite style of these jumbo crayons is the Revlon variation. Revlon managed to reveal three different lines of these products:

  1. Kissable balm stains
  2. Matte balms
  3. Lacquer balms

I only own two of these variants, being the original kissable balm stains and the matte balms. The Kissable balm stains were the first finish available, and then the matte and lacquer balms both were released at the same time. I have no interest in the lacquer balm collection because I much prefer the Matte finish and the original kissable balm stains had a slightly glossy finish that would probably fall more so into the satin finish department than the super glossy persuasion which I avoid at all costs!

My collection includes the following colours, and I have to warn you there is a sneaky Bourjois Colour Boost glossy lipstick, which I did not repurchase any more because the finish was far too glossy for my personal tastes, so that was the end of the bourgois exploration for me!

Colours in order of photo from left to right:

  1. #215 Shameless – very dark purple – Matte
  2. #030 Smitten – berry with slight purple
  3. #025 Sweetheart – bright pink
  4. Peach on the beach (Bourjois) – neon peach -glossy
  5. #001 Honey – light pink
  6. #050 Precious – peachy nude with slight browny undertones
  7. #230 Complex – another peachy nude – Matte

I love these formulation from Revlon so if you are looking for something that is really easy to apply and carry around in your bag and re-apply during the day, so they are the easiest way to begin your entrance into bolder lips or just keep any lip colour very hassle free!

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