Most affordable lip combination – Nude.

Today when shopping with my best friend at our closest priceline, around 30 minutes away I found the perfect nude lip combo that is under $10 for both lipliner and the lipstick!

I personally love a peachy lip, something with a little bit of pink and a peach, but very neutral lips are some of my favourites, anything remotely in the ‘brown’ colour department and I feel like my Mum in the early 2000’s (my mother has no interest in makeup so the 90’s lip trend continued longer for my Mum) and also I feel like on my pale complexion it just makes me look like I’ve smeared some concealer over my lips, all in all, browny nudes, no friend of mine!

So with all of that in mind, today as I wandered around the priceline store quite a few Instagram nude lipswatches popped into my head, I immediately strolled toward the Essence counter and found this combination!


I have previously tried out some of the Essence lipliners, and they have a lovely creamy formula, but I would say a limited colour selection, but however it suited what I was searching for! I found their nude lipliner in ”in the nude”, it’s a great everyday nude lipliner that I know will go great with the majority of my nude lipsticks, so that’s a total win for only $2!

While scrolling endlessly last night on Instagram I found quite a few posts regarding Essence lipstick #15 ”oh so matt”, I have honestly never tried the Essence lipsticks previously, so this was a bit of a leap of faith, but for $4.70 I was okay with taking a little bit of a chance!

Together these two look beautiful on the lip and are a classic everyday nude lip combination, which I am always on the hunt for the perfect lip combo, but I still don’t think that I have perfected my search, but for now, this is still beautiful!

Speaking of lipstick hunting, can somebody out there please gift me the entire collection of the Nars Audacious lipsticks, because at $46 a bullet, I just feel like it’s not economically feasible to collect the entire range, but they’re just so damn pretty!

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