The year of my brows – 2015.


To me 2014 was a big year for brow product release’s, in particular because I believe that Anastasia Beverly Hills as a brand largely came to light. Personally, I believe that Anastasia was to blame for the brow craze of 2014, and I am holding them responsible for the ongoing contour craze of 2015 that I see developing into every brand having their own ”contour kit” or ”sculpting kit” and just any kind of contour shade typically with a Ben Nye banana style shade to brighten the under eye for some, and make others look ridiculous, sorry ladies but some youtube tutorials are less than flattering!

So, back to my self proclaimed year of the brow! 2014 was a big year for me makeup wise, because I finally dove even deeper into the offers of high end makeup and discovered that there was a whole other realm out there! So whilst so many brands were releasing their brow products, I was busy else where and just stuck to my trusty brow powder that has never failed me even through hair dye and copious amounts of fake tan.

However, after watching so many different tutorials, blog posts and even Instagram photos of people showing off their brand new brow routines, it made me tempted! Not long after feeling tempted, I went on, a UK website that sells many products that cannot be accessed within Australia, and luckily there is not much of a price discrepancy!

So with all of this in mind, when I saw Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade on beauty for $15.50, it made me very curious, this product has been hyped to no end! After Christmas, also being my Birthday I decided to plunge and try it out, whilst also purchasing a brush with a spooly on the other end, a great double ender, regardless of the product being used!

As I was waiting for this purchase to arrive, 7-10 business days are just too damn long, I was wondering around my local Myer (myer is a large boutique style department store, that depending on the location has different level of high end brands, mine however is not as fortunate!) I spotted 25% off Loreal Paris! I had heard of the Brow Artist Plumper from the brand and it had received rave reviews, most recently Chloe Morello on youtube.

I have now both of these products and the diagnosis thus far is loving the Loreal tinted brow gel, but still finding my feet with the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade. As per usual I will endeavour to make this product a success for myself, or at very least make it tolerable!

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