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H A P P Y A U S T R A L I A D A Y !

Well it’s the day after Australia day currently, but regardless, a celebration of the beautiful country that I am blessed to be from. My parents about 30 years ago moved over separately and met each other in Australia, so for me Australia day holds a special significance because without this country I never would have been born. So every Australia day I try to remember how lucky I am to be able to call Australia my home!

So in the form of remembering how lucky I am call Australia home, I have chosen to celebrate my favourite Australian brand, Australis! Australis is a great company in my eyes, because of a couple of reasons, they do not test on animals, all products in their range is under $20, which makes it super easy to try out their products and lastly, they are a partner of which means that as a University student like myself can get 25% off each online purchase, yes please!

So here is my collection of my favourite products from this excellent Australian owned and produced company!

AC-ON-TOUR –  A fantastic contouring kit great for beginning your contouring experience or even just another one for the collection, it has a diagram of how to contour your face, which I think is great for beginners, the colours are great for contouring the face and a yellow based powder to brightening up your under eyes, which I think is a must have in any collection!

FRESH & FLAWLESS POWDER – This is a great staple product that I think anyone could benefit from using, its a full coverage powder for setting face makeup, or even using over a tinted moisturiser to add that bit of coverage, or apply on top of a foundation to ensure a flawless finish!

PAPARAZZI PERFECT BLUSH – This blush I believe has been discontinued, but I had to include it because it just might be my soul mate. This colour is the perfect coral tone, and I have the shade screen siren. It comes with a swirl of colour around the main coral colour to give you whatever you want in the moment. The pan is also huge so I don’t see how I will finish it, and quite frankly, I don’t want to finish it!

HIGHLIGHTS – This is a great liquid highlighter that I think is perfect if you’ve never experimented with a liquid illuminator to test the water a little, its a champagne kind of colour with a slight pearlescent finish, that gives the look of an angel on your cheeks, perfect if you haven’t slept as much as really advisable….

VELOURLIPS – These are a matte lip cream to die for! I have the shades PAR-REE and NY-CEE, a pale browny nude and a bright fire engine red! These apply beautifully, stay on the lips all day and night, and smell pleasantly of vanilla. I have recently ordered 6 more shades, oops!


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