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I have a confession, I am addicted to buying makeup brushes and general makeup tools.

I do not know what it is about brushes that gets me so excited, but seriously love makeup brushes. There are so many different types of makeup brushes, there’s the brush handle style, colour, cut and texture, then there is natural hair, synthetic hair and duo-fibre hair brushes, moving on to face brushes, eye brushes, multi-use brushes, there’s just so many of them out there, and I want to try them all, that’s no crime in my eyes.

Currently I own:

22 Bobbi Brown Brushes

17 Real Techniques Brushes

17 EcoTools Brushes

9 Sigma Brushes

3 Mac Brushes

3 E.L.F Brushes

2 Urban Decay

1 Anastasia Beverly Hills

Coming to a grand total of 74 makeup brushes in total, that a whole lot of makeup application. When compared to my makeup collection as a whole, it’s relatively in proportion, but when counting them all individually, it felt like a whole lot, especially when considering that I have 25 eBay brand Jessup brushes on their way to me.

Over all, I love brushes, I truly believe that a beautiful makeup collection is wasted on poor brushes, I believe that the two should be equal to have the best result in application. Sigma is a brush brand that I truly adore and recently have been collecting more, but they’re tricky to get in Australia quickly or inexpensively, but the next on my wishlist is the Zoeva brush company (which you would see if you follow @faceofsjw on Instagram – shameless plug), also I would love to get my hands on the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection!

Here’s my favourite brushes for everyday, and as making this post, I ordered two more beauty blenders, but I picked up the black pro variety!

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  1. Damnnn girl… you’ve got brushes!! haha. 🙂 It is super useful having so many though. I think I really use maybe 5 of my brushes consistently. I have some by Altair Beauty that are fairly cheap and they feel super soft 🙂 Love them! I need a face blender for sure.


    1. Oh trust me I know I have plenty! Hhahah, I just searched the Altair Brushes but they don’t ship to Australia, which is a shame because they look great!

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