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Eyeshadow palettes in my opinion are the most justifiable splurge if you’re just beginning your collection, obviously a base is very important, but because the nature of an eyeshadow palette they do not run out quickly and seem to be a never ending supply of changing your look everyday without buying a heap of products.

So here are my favourites:

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These are my 5 major eyeshadow palettes, all being over the $50 mark regardless of country of purchase, so being quite a spendy purchase in anyone’s eyes. Here I will review each, and let you know which my favourite:

1. Naked One:

The Naked One palette from Urban Decay is one of the first eyeshadow palettes that really took the cosmetics market by storm and has been a cult classic for many years now, and continues to be greatly successful. There is honestly no surprise that this product is so popular when opening it. It has every shade you could possible need, and defiantly sways closer toward the warmer side of eyeshadows, but remains highly neutral, I believe this palette would suit any skin tone and any neutral eye shadow lover would adore this. The eyeshadows are a beautiful quality, begin buttery soft, pigmented and best of all easy to blend out any heavy handed mistakes. This palette has a mixture of mattes and shimmers but gravitates more toward the shimmer department.

2. Naked Three:

Naked three is an acquired taste and the last from the Urban Decay Naked palette collection, it is a blue eyed individuals dream, the rose gold shades make my eyes pop and are the closest thing I come to breaking out from my neutral eyeshadow loving. There are a mixture of shimmers and mattes in this palette, but has more shimmers with varying intensity. All these colours have a slight pink undertone and some having a far less subtle undertone, not for the faint hearted or anyone that hates rose gold shades, so take that under strong advisement, because of the pricey nature of the palette. Personally, I love this palette for something unlike any other eyeshadow that I own.

3. Lorac Pro palette 1:

The first Lorac Pro palette has been highly talked about for a long time now, and it is easy to understand why, there is a varying range of colours and all are buttery soft and super smooth on the eye. There is one row of matte shades and one row of shimmers, being the best mixture of the two out of any palette that I own. However, despite the beautiful nature of this palette, I do not find myself reaching for this palette despite its obvious appeal. The colours are pretty, but I prefer more of a Lorac unzipped kind of colour range, and I just feel that I have other palettes that I prefer, if you like the colour range then this is for you!

4. Lorac Mega Pro (limited addition):

This palette is impossible to fault, 32 amazing eyeshadows, half being matte, half being shimmer, there is no complaints possible, plenty of my favourite classic neutrals and a small assortment of the more adventurous colours so it has something for everybody, I just adore this palette, but it is limited addition, so happy hunting.

5. Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette:

As a brand I love Too Faced, and this palette is no exception, it is a beautiful assortment of colours and the quality of the eyeshadows is impossible to go past, there are so many different combinations of eye looks within this palette and yet again a healthy mixture of matte and shimmer. I cannot move past the feel of these eyshadows, they just feel like heaven when applying and easily can be sheered out with blending or built up easily. There is just something about an eyeshadow that smells like chocolate that I find difficult not to adore. The palette is really a must have in my opinion and even has a sneaky rose gold shade to indulge my Naked 3 love when I am only able to have one palette with me.

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