I think a wish list is an interesting concept in relation to makeup, the idea that someone like my self with a more than necessary makeup collection is constantly lusting over more products, that I truly don’t need is a curious concept in my eyes.

However, with all this being said, there is so much more that I would love to pick up to expand my makeup collection, I think there is so much to explore in the world of makeup, new techniques, colours, products and ideas, there’s just so much to explore, and I feel that with makeup, the more you buy, the more you feel like you can justify more, it truly is a slipper slope my friends.

So with all that being said, on my Instagram (@faceofsjw) I was tagged to post my personal current wish list, I decided to minimise this to only four products.

1. N A R S A U D A C I O U S L I P S T I C K S:

These lipsticks are incredibly popular all over Instagram and the youtube makeup community, there is no way to escape their popularity! So naturally, I need to get involved and join the conversation. The main colour that intrigues me from the nude collection is the shade ‘Raquel’ it’s a great peachy nude that is right up my metaphorical alley.

2. N A K E D 2 P A L E T T E:

I personally have quite the collection of Urban Decay ”Naked” products, I own the Naked 1 palette, Naked 3 palette, Naked basics and the Naked flushed, so I have dipped my toe in to the ”Naked” pool! The only item from this collection that I am still curious about is the Naked 2 palette because I just really want the whole collection, I know I’m greedy.

3. T O O F A C E D B E T T E R T H A N S E X M A S C A R A:

This is such a frustrating thing to have on my wish list because it is very accessible and relatively inexpensive, but is constantly sold out every single time that I try to buy it either online and or in store in any Mecca Maxima or Cosmetica! So hopefully some time soon I will be able to get my little paws on this highly popular mascara that everybody seems to be loving!

4. Z O E V A C O M P L E T E B R U S H S E T O F 1 5:

Zoeva brushes are claimed to be an incredible German brush company that produces high quality brushes, natural, synthetic and duo fibre hair brushes that are cheaper than many other higher end makeup brushes such as sigma. However, this brush set has been a royal pain in my ass to access due to being sold out and currently the only place that easily stocks them has increased the priced of this brush set by over $100 for an unknown reason? So I am not sure if I will actually bother getting these or just pick up another Sigma brush set because I truly adore Sigma brushes and know they are high quality and have had no issues with my personal collection of them.

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