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J E S S U P B R U S H E S:

On a whim around 3 weeks ago after watching one of my favourite YouTubers @AmyMacedo talking about affordable brushes I purchased two sets of these makeup brushes, being the 15 brush set and the 10 brush set. I received them in the mail today from a Chinese address I believe, please don’t quote me. All together I think these brushes set me back around the $30AUD mark, so crazy affordable, considering that a similar Sigma Beauty set of 15 is around the $150AUD ball park. So quiet honestly after ordering these I began wondering why I ordered these, I had very little faith in the concept that they would be anywhere close to the kind of brush quality that I enjoy, and boy do I love being wrong!

These are incredibly soft! The face brushes are my personal favourite, they are super soft and feel so gentle on the skin, no scratchy feeling at all. The eye brushes I don’t find to be as well made or quite a soft, but they are fine for blending out an eyeshadow and general use, but Sigma easily trumps the eye brushes. Face brushes are a serious dupe, and the set is well worth purchasing just for the face brushes. Here are photos of all the brushes purchased, and they look quite pretty on my desk with the rest of my brushes too!

The face brush portion of the 15 piece set

The eye brush portion of the 15 piece set

The face brushes of the 10 piece set

The eye brushes of the 10 piece set

I know I am a brush addict, you don’t have to tell me.

Love x

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