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Chi Chi is an Australian owned brand with the majority of their products made in Australia, with a couple others being produced in Italy. In Australia Chi Chi is stocked by Target and Myer to my knowledge, and is a very average to slightly more expensive drugstore and chemist stocked makeup brand, similar pricing to Maybelline or Covergirl style prices.

Honestly, I have never purchased anything from the brand previously except for a makeup blending sponge, which I got along with well. There makeup in my eyes isn’t particularly cheap, but has quite an old stereotype of being cheap, however with many new product launches and packaging refurbishment, there has been a change in brand views in my eyes. Despite not being the cheapest of drugstore brands they do often go on sale in Target Australia, meaning that trying out products is slightly more affordable therefore more accessible.

Currently Target has 30% off all Chi Chi cosmetics, in my eyes quite a decent discount, making their baked eyeshadows around $10 each, and their lipsticks around $14 each, not the cheapest lipstick, but have heard excellent things about the formulation and have had my eyes on quite a few colours for a while now, however I decided to pick up two baked eyeshadows that I had swatted previously.

Holy wow, I was not disappointed by these baked eyeshadows. My first positive of these eyeshadows is that they have a number of different finishes available within their range, which is rather extensive, with a generous selection of matte, satin style eyeshadows and then the more glittery variety. The next thing that I noticed was the large size of the eyeshadow pans, these are the size of my Australis contour and highlight palette shades, and if you own that palette you will know they are big pans, these eyeshadows are easily bigger than a MAC or Makeup Geek eyeshadow, imagine more the Makeup Forever artiste eyeshdows that are known for their large sizes. So for $10 to me, this was a damn good deal, and with 20+ colours in the range, there are plenty to love! One of my favourite things about these eyeshadows is their cheeky little names, all the baked eyeshadows are named after famous songs, for example: ”If I could turn back time (Cher)”, ”Living on a prayer (Bon Jovi), ”Crazy in love (Beyonce)” & ”Girls just wanna have fun (Cyndi Lauper)”, Ijust thing the names are seriously cute!

Long story short, I love these eyeshadows and anybody that knows me or my makeup collection would be aware that I do not particularly enjoy buying single eyeshadows and am far more persuaded by palettes, which Chi Chi also has an impressive collection of, currently on sale for $16 which in any world is fantastic value when you examine the quality and colour choices.

I picked up two shades, being ”If I could turn back time” a pearl finish champagne colour that will be perfect for all over the lid and ”I’m every woman” an incredible matte brown that I know already will be a staple and favourite of mine, reminds me of Naked in the Naked One palette, seriously a must have shade.

I will most defiantly be picking up more shades in the very near future, because these are seriously beautiful! I also look forward to trying out more Chi Chi products, such as their lipsticks, matte lip lacquers and bb cream!

Love x


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