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Hello all,

I am terribly sorry for being missing in action as of late, and I honestly have no excuse except for pure laziness, so lets put that aside and discuss something that I have been very excited about for a while now, but has actually occurred as of this morning!

When I first began my journey of makeup loving online around 2 months ago, I had a lovely interaction with a beautiful girl by the screen name of @makeupblissness on Instagram (she is on here, shameless friend plug) and we quickly formed a friendship on the basis of mutual makeup loving and even from Las Vegas, USA to Central Coast of Australia a friendship formed. We agreed that once we hit 200 followers each that we would begin doing a makeup swap, the agreed date being the 15th of February 2015 that we would post our packages to each other. So we began purchasing products and asking each other questions in order to make the packages as tailor made as possible for someone that you’ve never actual met, but still consider to be a good friend.

So today being the 25th of February, 10 days after Erica sent me her package, I received it to my door step and signed over for it with a hop, skip and jump in my step. We had previously agreed to both wait for each other and unbox together, but neither of us could handle the excitement, so this afternoon at 4pm East coast Australian time Erica and I face timed each other, talking to each other for the first time!

As we spoke over the webcam style interaction, it was so exciting finally being able to talk to someone that you have never met in your life but feel like you know very well, it was so exciting but also felt very comfortable.

So open my package, I did, and oh boy, Erica you spoilt me like it was Christmas and it was going to be my last! The generosity was the first thing that I was blown away by, seriously she spoilt me rotten, I feel very lucky in deed, especially considering I am on a no spend ban currently in regards to makeup.

The picture above shows all the products I received, I have not tried out many of these yet, but I will do some reviews when I have gotten to know the products better in a little while,  for now, all I can offer is a very limited first impression.

I will list products, shades and thoughts if I have any on these products. Overall, I think Erica was incredible in choosing these products, there is nothing in here that I am not excited for, everything looks incredible and all the shades are just spot on, especially all the purple lip colours, you did good girl!

  • Hard candy ”So Baked Bronzer” in Tiki – known dupe for Soft and Gentle from MAC.
  • Kat Von D ”true romance eyeshadow trio” in Dreamer
  • Milani ”bella single eyeshadow” in Ivory, Chiffon, Cappuccino & Espresso – so buttery soft and pigmented.
  • Palladio ”matte herbal blush” in Peach Ice & Toasted Apricot – matte blush is my favourite kind, the colours are beautiful
  • Loreal ”Miss Manga waterproof mascara” – Erica’s favourite mascara, so I am sure I will love it
  • Milani lipsticks in Nude Creme (26), Sangria (21), Violet Volt (34) & Matte Confident (67) – already loving all the textures and colours!
  • ColourPop ”lippie stix” in Leather & Feminist – feminist looks so close to a black lipstick which I have really been wanting to try, the texture of these is incredible I can already tell.
  • Kardashian Kollection ”en-joystick lip lacquer” in Sea Coral & Rose Parade – these feel super comfortable and remind me of a velvet lip pencil for all over the lip
  • ColourPop ”super shock eyeshadow” in Amaze – this was buttery soft and seriously the colour is so my style, in love!
  • MAC matte lipstick in Heroine – a colour that has been on my wish list for a while now, and is just a classic colour for my personal taste, oh Erica you know me too well.
  • Lorac ”mini pro” – three colours from the original palette that are in larger pans making travelling just as pretty as being at home, comes with ”Nude, Pewter & Espresso” all you’d ever need!
  • Hello Kitty ”Charmmy Eyeshadow stick” in snowflakes – a shimmery silver colour, perfect for along the water line, under the brow bone and inner tear duct opening up my blue eyes and making them look bigger!
  • Smashbox ”travel brush set” – this set comes with three miniature brushes that look the exact same as Smashboxes regular sized brushes, the set comes with a fan brush, crease style brush and a double needed brush that has a smudger on one end and a flat shader brush on the other, seriously too cute and functional!

Please go and check out Erica’s Instagram @makeupblissness , her wordpress , her tumblr , she’s a total babe with great reviews, dupes and overall all incredible accounts, also she’s a great friend to me, so what more could you need in life!

Love x

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