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Good evening/ morning/ midday, really what ever time it is where ever you may be if reading this! I was nominated by the beautiful friend and fellow Blogger, Instagramer and just general beauty lover friend of mine @makeupblissness ! Before being nominated by Erica, I had honestly never heard of the Liebester awards, but after reading up on it, I truly believe it is a fantastic concept for bloggers who are just beginning their journey into the beauty blogging sphere, or really any type of blogging!

So what the Liebester awards are in a quick break down is nominating bloggers who have under 200 followers in an attempt to spread the word of newer bloggers and help beginning blogs to become discovered. I think thats a great idea and a beautiful way of supporting each other in regards to the blogging community!

So I was given a bunch of random questions to answer from @makeupblissness , so here goes it:

1. What makes the perfect Sunday?
I love Sundays, they are often a bit of a party day with my and my friends with an afternoon of drinking, but I love the relaxation of Sundays regardless of what I am doing! If it’s having a fun afternoon of drinking games and dancing with my friends I love that, or even brunch and a lazy day with my boyfriend ( he has the whole day off which makes Sundays even better), maybe going on a little adventure or even one of our classic lazy days of watching movies in bed, I just love Sundays for their simplicity and the comfortable feeling of a Sunday!
2. Where is your favorite place in the world?
My favourite place in the world so far would have to be Sydney city, I have not been to many places that I want to go to such as Greece and England, but so far Sydney city would have to be my favourite. If you have been to Sydney you would know that it is truly stunning, I love the variety of people in the city as I think that multiculturalism is a gift, there are just so many different experiences in the city I think it’s hard not to fall in love with!
3. City or country?

I love cities, I think country side is beautiful as well, but I love fast paced cities and all the commotion, but I think as I will get older I will have more of a soft spot for country side and the quieter coastal towns scattered along the East Coast of Australia.

4. What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was around six years old I had two dream jobs, firstly being a teacher, and secondly a supermodel, yes teacher was the dream and apparently I claimed that being a super model was my ”backup plan”, I have never been accused of having dreams that are too small!

5. Friday night in or paint the town red?
This is so tricky for me, because I am such a bit of both! I love a good friday night in, with my Dad usually, watching footy, having a drink and really just relaxing after a long week, but the 19 year old in me really loves a great night out with my friends with some cocktails and dancing. The way I see it, life is about moderation and a little bit of everything!
6. What are you most grateful for?
The people in my life. I cannot begin to describe to you the levels of support that I am blessed to have within my life. I have an incredible family who all love and support my endlessly, I have never felt anything less than loved and cherished by my parents, they are rocks. I am lucky enough to have a beautiful boyfriend who despite any flaws or mistakes loves my tirelessly, and is a never ending support system, whom I adore. My friends are like my family, especially my two closest girl friends, Jasmine and Steph, two beautiful young women who have been incredible positive energy within my life that I can never under value! ¬†Overall, I have so many beautiful people in my life and I am so proud to call so many people my friends, even if I don’t get to see everybody as much as I would like, I still know that many of them have a special place in my heart and that they will always be there for me.
7. What is your biggest inspiration?
My mother, cheesy I know. I never thought of my mother as an inspiration until this past year watching her graduate from her fourth University course, with a Masters in health management as she is a Nurse. I love my mum endlessly and she truly is superwomen. Raising both me and my brother as a single mum (my dad is still very much in the picture) her entire being has been dedicate to giving me and my brother the best life possible and I can never truly thank her enough, she works full time, and still has all the time in the world to be an everlasting support system, a friend, a councillor, a tough lady, an incredible nurse and daughter, she truly does it all. She is the strongest woman I know and I can only hope to be half the woman that she is.
8. What can you rely on to cheer you up?
My pets, I know this sounds strange, ¬†but I am quite an independent person and really struggle with being truly vulnerable in front of other people, so I love my alone time if I am upset or in a bad mood. So this is where my two fur babies come in handy, they take the form of my 13 year old golden Labradoodle, his name is Scruffy and my family has owned him for as long as I can remember, he give the best cuddles and always senses when I am upset, and my other little fur ball, is my 8 year old Ragdoll cat, his name is Elvis and he is always up for a cuddle and will sit with me for hours on end if I don’t want to leave bed!
9. Favorite film and why?
There are so many that I love! That is impossible, you will come to learn that I am incredibly indecisive as a person! I love so many movies, the Book Thief would have to be one of my favourites, and so would Armageddon, my childhood favourite is 101 Dalmatians, along with Good Will Hunting, I also love the Great Gatsby and Lord of the Rings : return of the king. Long story short, I love movies, and there are so many that I could list! So there’s a few to choose from!
10. Friends or family?

I really have come to believe that your friends can become your family, and even my parents have showed me that, with me having a few surrogate ”aunties and uncles” and a few extra ”family” members around over the years, blood isn’t the only kind of family in my eyes, so family is defiantly my favourite.

11. Home or holiday?
Home will always be there for me, so defiantly a holiday, am currently dreaming of a European escape at the end of this year with my beautiful best friend, Steph! Holidays are the best feeling even if it is just for a weekend, an escape is sometimes the best medicine.

I now nominate: !

Thank you for reading my ramblings x

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