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New product love! The Maybelline Colour Drama Lipsticks, these are so incredible, and a a definite new love of mine, reasons below!

I picked these two shades up from my local chemist warehouse, with there typical 15% all makeup brands sale, and I cannot believe these ‘lipsticks’ I personally think of them as lip pencils although I understand that they have the same pigmentation level of a lipstick, to me these are lip pencils, but honestly the best lip pencils, just about ever in my opinion. I have heard that ¬†they are total dupes for the Nars matte and satin lip pencils, but having never owned or even tried any of them, I cannot comment upon their comparison.

Regardless of any other product, these lipsticks from Maybelline are my new favourite thing that I have tried lately, they make me even more excited than my obsession with my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation – now thats a real statement!

I have two colours in this product, the top red shade being ‘Red Essential’ and the bottom nude shade being ‘Nude Perfection.’ The red colour is a great cool toned red that makes teeth look whiter and has a slight old school feel to it, I think it’s a very wearable red colour that ought to be very popular! The nude isn’t the perfect nude for me personally, it’s a bit too dark and brown style nude for my personal taste, but honestly the formulation is so good that I keep wearing it regardless with a Velour Lip over the top to lighten the colour.

These lipsticks are creamy, inexpensive, easy to apply and reapply, do not drag across the lips and have incredible colour pigmentation, I cannot fault these lip products, my only criticism is that there are not more shades, but all in good time is the way I am approaching this, I have faith in you Maybelline!

To conclude, I love these lip pencils and there are a few more that I would like to pick up! I am loving the look of the shades: Minimalist, In with Coral & Berry Much!

Much love x

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