M A X F A C T O R – F A C E F I N I T Y:

Yes I have another foundation review up, I realised that I have a foundation obsession and being real with you, I am not sad about this, I love foundation, and I think my next blog post will be a foundation roundup, and review of all of my foundations, because honestly foundations are probably my favourite makeup product.

Back on topic! The ”Maxfactor FaceFinity 3in1 All Day Flawless Foundation” you may be wondering as this foundation is by no means a new foundation, but the FaceFinity range has been extended by Maxfactor to include a primer as well as the foundation, and this prompted me to use this foundation again as it has been a part of collection for a while now, but I have it in the absolute lightest shade possible so being summer time I have not been wearing it due to fake tanning being maintained religiously! Trying out this foundation is another bonus of being on a current spending ban, meaning that I have been enjoying so many more products within my makeup collection that often become neglected.



  • SPF 20
  • Widely available
  • Under $30AUD
  • Has a pump
  • Longwearing
  • Comes in neutral and yellow undertones
  • No scent on the face
  • Light to medium build able coverage


  • Plastic topping lid (I think its ugly)
  • Flashback in photography (SPF 20)
  • Expensive in relation to being drugstore, highstreet, pharmacy pricing

I think this foundation is a great all rounder foundation is the best way that I can think to describe this foundation, to me it is really a foundation that I feel like a lot of people would get along with this product. Other products such as my holy grail Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation I understand why people would not love that foundation the way that I do, but this foundation I can feel like it would suit so many different skin types as it is fine on my normal to oily skin, but it is not mattifying, in the way that I think dry skin makeup wearers could totally enjoy this as well! I cannot comment with full certainty that dry skin would appreciate this foundation, but it’s a hunch!

Anyway, I can say with full certainty that when primed, and set with a powder that with only two touch ups in a day that this foundation lasted on me from the 9:30am that I applied it before leaving to go to University, and has lasted well until 10:37pm as I am writing this review, to me that is a good long wearing foundation. I have never found any liquid foundation that did not need some kind of powder touch up or blotting powder at some point of the day, so in my eyes, twice over that time period with walking, air conditioning and general daily activities, that is successful to me!

Another huge pro in my opinion is the range of undertones that the foundation is available in, or at least the undertones with my shade – Crystal Beige ”33”. The undertones are a yellow to neutral undertone, which I find very uncommon for affordable foundation ranges from the more affordable spectrum of makeup, many of my other affordable foundations are far more pink undertones that I often find overpowering and lack range for different under tones.

Let me know if you have had any experiences with this foundation or even the new FaceFinity primer, because I am curious about it also being a silicone free primer, which I have been wanting to investigate!

Big love x

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