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As I am sure any Australian’s reading this will be aware, Priceline is currently having their twice annual two day 40% off sale which entails the 40% off saving on all of their cosmetics – so pretty much the best kind of sale, and I love that it comes around twice a year for two days!

So naturally, I had a little list of things that I was very interested in picking up during the sale, as I have been on a spending ban so there have been quite a few new releases that have caught my eye and some general products that I have been needing to pick up regardless!

Honestly, I was very disappointed in the amount of stock left in the store, and the priceline I went to has a very small makeup section in comparison to other pricelines, the store does not have some brands, and event the brands that it does have are a far smaller display than I would like in my greedy little makeup mind!

Regardless, I managed to be able to pick up some products that I wanted, and the other products can wait is the approach that I am taking, and the products that I did buy, I am very excited about!

All products except the Covergirl XL gel nail polish were planned purchases!

First up, the only repurchase, the Australis ”Extender lash and brow” this is a clear mascara that I use as a brow gel to hold my eyebrows in place all day when wearing brow powder. This is a great affordable brow gel that works well at maintaining brows through out the day, without making them crusty!

Secondly, the only other product that I have ever come into contact with being the Maybelline ”Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil” these I have already raved about in a previous blog post and I picked up two new shades being ”420 – In With Coral” & ”310 – Berry Much” they are both stunning and I know that the berry shade will be a staple in the Autumn and Winter months!

Next, I picked up the Max Factor ”FaceFinity All Day Primer” it has an SPF of 20, which I don’t love because many foundations have SPF and honestly I want a totally photography proof routine, but regardless! This primer isn’t a silicone based primer, which I have really wanted to branch out and try, because of my oily skin, I often gravitate toward the silicone based primers, but with a mattifying foundation and powder, there is no need for a mattifying primer as well! This feels lovely on my skin and I can’t wait to try it with foundation tomorrow!

I also picked up the new Maybelline ”Master Highlight Hi-Lighting Blush” in ”30- Coral” this has been highly talked about because of it’s beautiful colour and combination of highlighting and blush, theoretically cutting out a step by removing the need to highlight after blush, I personally love a matte blush so that I can add a highlight over the top, but this could be a great everyday blush to just throw on when I don’t want anything dramatic.

On a bit of a highlighting note, the next product I have is the Models Prefer ”Mineral Powder Soft Touch” in ”Luminous Glow” this product has been floating around on Instagram for a while now, and has been whispered to be a dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, and the colour that I purchased is meant to be a dupe for dim light, which I personally own and adore! I will test out and report, if it’s a dupe, you will know about it!

Finally, the unplanned purchase, and honestly my favourite so far, because I am already wearing it! It is the Covergirl XL gel nail polish in ” Rotund Raspberry” this is the largest nail polish I have ever seen! It is 13ML, in comparison, an average foundation has 30ML, so thats close on half of a foundation, that is a lot of nail polish, but watch out because I think that I will use this up in no time, because I am in love with this raspberry shade, Autumn and Winter shade, sorted! Loving this colour and the formulation so far, I really hope it doesn’t chip and then it can become my new favourite range!

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So that is what I picked up, I can’t wait to see how some of these products work for me!

Big love x


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