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Hello! I am so sorry for being lazy with my blogging, it’s something that I really enjoy, but sadly falls low on the totem pole of personal priorities! This is not for a lack of love for anyone reading, because I seriously love blogging and review products, so I will try my hardest to put more effort into making time for @faceofjsw!

So with that in mind, here are my March favourites! Products loved through the month of March, reviewed below:


It’s April! March is gone, and so is my spending ban, so that will be reviewed soon!

1. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3in1 foundation:

This has been a long time favourite of mine and easily holds the title for favourite drugstore,highstreet and affordable foundation that I own, it has never failed me, and is just such an easy foundation to get along with. The coverage is medium to full and this stays on my face all day, even when I have a long day of wandering around University.

2. Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer:

I picked this up in the priceline 40% off all brands sale and honestly have been obsessed with ever since. It makes all of my foundations last even longer and even improves their application, I cannot recommend this enough, have not touched another primer since trying this out, it’s gorgeous, and applies like a moisturises, so it feels like I am being slightly helpful toward my hair.

3. NYX Dark Circle Concealer:

I have owned this for a while, and honestly was never all that impressed, but when applied to my under eyes before adding a highlighting concealer, it is seriously fantastic for covering those obvious indicators that I have clearly not had enough sleep, naughty sez!

4. Australis Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder:

I have raved about this to anyone that will listen, I think that my feelings about this powder are pretty obvious. Its incredible and another staple that I know will never let me down!

5. Loreal Brow Artiste Plumper:

I cannot stop staring at my eyebrows when I wear this, I have been putting my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade aside and using this brow gel religiously! It looks so natural and the colour suits my hair perfectly which is a bonus, this is the perfect eyebrow gel that gives the illusion that I have naturally perfect eyebrows, some call it lying, I call it a creative disguise.

6. Sleek Face Contour Kit in ”Light”:

This has been a bit of a forgotten product for me, its a beautiful contour and highlight that just seems to take the metaphorical back seat in my makeup collection, which in no way indicates its efficiency. The contour shade is a gorgeous mixture of warmth and cool tones so that hollow out imaginary cheek bones seems far more achievable, and the highlight is my favourite kind, 100 watt kind of highlight that looks like flashlights are trying to escape my cheek bones, being an oily girl, I take away shine and replace it with an artificial sheen, makes sense right?

7:Models Prefer Mineral Powder Soft Touch in ”Luminous Glow”:

Another glow that I prefer to fake, I apply this all over my face and it makes me look like I have the most radiant skin in all the lands, seriously flattering, and in photos, oh boy, you won’t even recognise your self! Love this for days that I have a matte foundation, so I won’t become oily, but look luminous as anything!

8: Models Prefer Highlighter ”Glitz & Glamour”:

A four shaded highlighter with two bronze shades, a champagne colour and a pink colour, seriously the perfect highlight combination! Applied over blush on the tops of my cheek bones, it looks like I have the most perfect radiant sheen which magically occurs, it’s not magic, it’s just a nifty little powder that I totally recommend.

9: Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara:

Everybody and their Mumma loves this mascara I swear! It’s $3, and does the job perfectly! Super dramatic lashes is the best description, if at any point you want people to think natural when they see your eyelashes then keep on moving past this mascara, not for you my friend. If you want people to ask if you have false eyelashes on, then this bad boy will become the bonnie to your clyde, thank me later!`

So these are my March favourites, a lot of these products are older products that I have owned and forgotten about. With a large makeup collection it’s important to ensure that rotating products occurs to keep things interesting!

Big love x


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