D U P E ?

The word ”dupe” is thrown around so often lately, with many products being labelled ”duplicates” for another product. In my eyes these are large claims, to me for a product to be a true ”dupe” it must be very similar, wether the similarity be in texture, colour, packaging or longevity, regardless, I believe that these apparent similarities within a product must be very obvious and I am personally not a fan of subtle dupes, to me they are not dupes, they are a product with a slight similarity, subtle difference I know, but I take the label of ”dupe” very seriously!

With all of that in mind, there are two products that are often labelled as dupes and products that are interchangeable, with the implication that the products are very similar. This being MAC cosmetics ”Soft and Gentle” Mineralised skin finish and Hard Candy ”Tiki” Baked Highlighter. Both products are used typically for highlighting purposes or as an eyeshadow.

The MAC cosmetics ”Soft and Gentle” would be classed as high-end makeup and the Hard Candy ”Tiki” would be classed as affordable, drugstore or hughstreet makeup.

Whilst these are both highlighters, in my opinion ”Tiki” is in no way a dupe for ”Soft and Gentle”! That is not a criticism of either of the products, but I believe that these products have a very different colour, and pigmentation level.


Tiki is a far more subtle champagne and gold colour, that does need a couple of swirls of the brush to become a very strong and dramatic highlight. It is a beautiful product and is one of the most beautiful affordable highlighters that I have ever used, I totally recommend ”Tiki” to anyone.

”Soft and Gentle”:

This is a MAC cult favourite product that has been very popular in the beauty community for years now, and I understood why the second I purchased this Mineralise Skin Finish. It is a beautiful colour that has a mostly gold sheen within the colour, and is opaque after a light swatch, there is no need for brush swirling with this product, it is straight up pigmentation.

In conclusion, I quite honestly love both of these products, but for different reasons, Tiki is one of my favourite everyday highlighters that I wear when I am doing a more natural makeup look or am doing a more dramatic lip or eye look. Soft and Gentle is the kind of product that I spend my days moving my cheeks to be able to see the light catch the colour in all other directions, it’s stunning, long story short. Soft and Gentle is gorgeous, there is no other way of describing this product, it really is worth the hype, honestly, I would purchase the MAC product over the Hard Candy, but I love having both in collection, as I use them for different reasons and occasions.

Big love, as always


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