D U P E O R N O T ?

After so many views and seemingly positive reviews of my last blog post regarding if two products were dupe’s, I thought of other products within my collection that have a similar concept, colour and have been rumoured to be duplicate products, therefore ”dupes”.

I came up with these two products:

The two products are Benefit ”HighBeam” and Australis ”HighLights” they are both liquid illuminators with a pink pearl colour. Benefit ”HighBeam” retails for $26US and $45AUD and Australis ”HighLights” $14.95AUD, so within Australian price ranges, there is a rather large price difference, even if purchasing from the US at a cheaper price than the Australian price.

HighBeam is a thick consistency, with a milky pink colour which sits like a mouse and does not move regardless of where it is placed unless blended. The small glass bottle has a brush applicator which is suited to the thick constancy which I personally dab on the highest points of my cheek bones and blend in with a damp beauty blender or my index flinger.

HighLights is a slightly thiner consistency, so slightly more blend able than HighBeam, it is also more pink than HighBeam is. HighLights comes in a plastic bottle and has a pump, which can be difficult to regulate the amount of product. I apply HighLights the same way that I apply HighBeam. HighLights is a perfect illuminator to mix in with foundation to add a luminosity to the skin, due to the thinner consistency.

These products are similar, they are the classic comparison of an affordable product with a high end product. These can be classified as a dupe in my opinion, while there are still subtle differences within the products. As a liquid highlighter I have to admit that I prefer HighBeam personally due to the thicker consistency making the product more opaque and a more dramatic highlighter, which I personally prefer. This being said, that does not take anything away from the Australis HighLights product, it is still a beautiful product that looks gorgeous on the cheeks, so if you prefer something more subtle, or even just prefer something more budget friendly, then the Australis product will be perfect!

Big love, as always


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