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Foundation is my favourite product, I love foundation. I like a full coverage foundation that covers, absolutely everything on my face, this isn’t because I don’t like my skin, or have particularly problematic skin that needs to be covered, it’s just that I love that flawless almost blurred skin look, it’s just the way I like the roll, each to their own. So with foundation being my favourite makeup product, I would defiantly have to say that foundation brushes are one of my favourite types of brushes to collect, because for a while there I was obsessed with finding the perfect foundation brush.

So with that never ending search in mind, I have created quite the collection of makeup brushes intended for foundation, some that I use often, others I hate, and am personally uncertain as to why I still own them……

I have 19 foundation application tools, because some are brushes and I also have quite the collection of makeup sponges, which have rapidly become some of my favourite applicators of my beloved foundations!

I have foundation tools from Real Techniques, Sigma, Zoeva, Beauty Blender, Jessup Brushes, Eco Tools and Chi Chi cosmetics.

Real techniques:

  •  2x expert face brushes
  • 1x multi task brush
  • 1x essential foundation brush
  • 1x pointed foundation brush
  • 1x miracle complexion sponge

I love the expert face brush, although it can become streaky if not properly blended, but excellent at maintaing coverage level. The multi task brush is fantastic for very liquid based foundations as it blends seamlessly, and does not loose product being less dense than other brushes, the fluffy feature makes it a fantastic brush. I do not care for the essential foundation brush or the pointed foundation brush, they are both paddle style foundation brushes, not for me, but may be for you? I adore the miracle complexion sponge, it is a great ”dupe” for the beauty blender, and we all know I do not throw around that term lightly, I love this sponge, and for under $10, you won’t be disappointed.

Sigma Beauty:

  • 1x Flat kabuki – F80

1x Tapered kabuki – F86

These were both holy grail status for me for a while, but since branching out I have been enjoying denser brushes than the F80, so something like the tapered kabuki, but I prefer a more domed kabuki that is densely packed. Regardless, these are great brushes, especially the F80 if you are beginning with makeup or want a total classic, these are both great brushes which make foundation application easy to apply.


  • 1x 104- Buffer

Very similar to the F80 from Sigma, a total ”dupe”, very similar look and feel, slightly shorter bristles, but as I said in regards to the F80, I have been more drawn to more densely packed bristles as of late, but another great starter brush from Zoeva, or even just a great backup if you hate washing brushes as much as moi!

Jessup Brushes:

  • 5x kabuki set

This set came with 5 foundation kabuki brushes, as well as 5 eye kabuki brushes, intended for concealer which is my personal assumption, I love these foundation kabuki brushes! So affordable, I think under $15 for the set of 10 on ebay, go check it out! This set is what began my obsession with domed kabuki brushes, the apply foundation and maintain full coverage, while blending them, but without diffusing the coverage. I want to find more domed kabuki brushes I think that Sigma and Zoeva have their own version which I am very curious to try out! Totally recommend the Jessup kabuki set!

Beauty Blender:

  • 3x beauty blender sponges

I don’t know what to say other than I never thought that I would love a $20 sponge as these three. It’s literally a sponge, that doubles in size when wet, and completely changed the way that I apply my foundation, I have never seen my face look as nice as I do when using my beauty blender. Go buy one, join the hype, and join me in feeling like a bit of an idiot for $20 on a sponge, but the honest truth, I regret nothing, they’re the best!


  • 1x Custom coverage blending brush:

Another flat kabuki style brush, but with slightly more flimsy bristles, I think I prefer either my Sigma or Zoeva in comparison to this brush, but if you are a fair of natural products or are looking for something more affordable and easily accessible in comparison this one does the trick. Ecotools all-round is a fantastic beginners makeup collection or even just some great quality classic brushes for anyone!

Chi Chi cosmetics:

  • 1x makeup blending sponge:

A great beauty blender dupe that comes in a couple of different shapes for different functions, I totally recommend this for under $5 you will be loving this little sponge.


I hope that you enjoyed this general review of foundation application tools, and please leave any of your recommendations in the comments, I’m always on the hunt!

Big love, as always x

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