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Chemist warehouse is currently having 50% off all of their Maybelline stock, and very conveniently there were a couple of things that I have been wanting to try and restock from Maybelline recently, so this sale was perfectly timed for me! So here is what I bought:

  • SuperStay liquid foundation – Classic Ivory:

This foundation is a repurchase for me, I have owned this for a while and really enjoy this foundation as a great everyday foundation or even a photography foundation as it has no SPF in it, meaning no flash back! This foundation is great for oily skin and someone that loves a full coverage finish, I think I might go and pick up the next shade darker just for when I have more fake tan on.

  • FitMe concealer – Light #10:

This is about my 5th tube of this concealer, it’s honestly my all time favourite concealer, I even love it more than my MAC prolong wear, it works under the eyes and all over the face, I’ve heard good things about cream contouring with it, which I have not experimented with yet to be honest. I love this concealer, with no question.

  • Baby Lips lip balm – Lychee Addict:

My favourite lip balm, I think I currently have about 5 of these floating around my handbags, house, car, boyfriends house and dad’s house, seriously I have one of these almost every where that I go, it’s an addiction.

  • Master Precise liquid eyeliner – Blackest Black:

Another repurchase, a super black, fine tipped, felt tipped liquid liner that lasts ages and is as easy to work with as possible in regards to liquid liner which I will personally always find tricky!

  • Master graphic liquid liner – Bold Black:

This was the only new purchase for me, as something that I have no prior experience with, and am only working on other peoples review. It has a very thick tip, but I have been told that it is a fantastic beginners eyeliner as it can create a thin or thick line, I would defiantly call myself a beginner when talking about liquid eyeliner, not my strong suit by any stretch of the imagination! So if you have a Chemist Warehouse near you that stocks Maybelline I would totally recommend picking up some of your favourites from the brand whilst they are 50% off! Big love as always x

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