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Contouring kits are everywhere, there is constantly a new contouring kit coming out from just about every makeup brand, whether it be a luxury, high end or more affordable, everyone is making one! I personally believe that Anastasia Beverly Hills is to blame for this sudden obsession that everyone believes they need three shades to bronze or contour with and three more shades to highlight or brighten with. Not all contour kits have this many shades, but a large portion have come out with these six shaded kits, some being more and some having less. To me it is rather obvious that nobody needs this many shades for personal makeup usage, obviously if you are a MUA then kits with a larger range would be perfect. However, if like myself you are an average makeup lover who enjoys wearing makeup and trying out new products, then the majority of these shades will be wasted.

However, like most things to do with makeup, I love things to the excess, so why the hell not have a couple shades spare? I own a couple of these contour kits, and the funniest thing of this blog post, while I am telling you that nobody really needs this many shades, I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t eyeing off a couple more contour kits, oops, remember do as I say, not as I do.

I own four contour kits, being the Australis ”AC Contour kit”, Urban Decay ”Naked Flushed palette”, Sleek Makeup ”Face Form Kit” in Medium and the Sleek Makeup ”Contour Kit” in Light.

  • Australis ”Contour Kit”:

This contour kit comes in one shade, has six separate pans that are all very generously sized and incredible for $16.95AUD. However, as much as I was determined to love this kit, I just don’t. I cannot make this work for me! The shades do not blend at all on my skin, the colours are so pigmented and difficult to blend that I cannot manage to make these work for me in the slightest. The top middle ”banana” style shade is the only one that I personally enjoy, but it is very yellow and depending on how much fake tan I have on I can either look brightened or jaundiced.

  • Urban Decay ”Naked Flushed”:

This is not technically a contour kit, but it has a bronze shade, a highlight shade and a blush, so I believe that this fits the criteria. This palette came out before the contour kit craze of 2014 and 2015, but still has similar components. This one like, but don’t love, the highlight shade is very pretty, the bronzer is a bit of a non-event for me personally, it’s nice, but I don’t find myself reaching for it to contour, I think it’s a bit too warm toned, and works better as a face warming bronzer rather than a contour, the blush I do not care for, it’s too pink for me and makes my pale face look like I am attempting to imitate a clown. Overall, I would not repurchase this, I continue to use it, but I think there are better alternatives.

  • Sleek Makeup ”Face Form Kit” in Medium and ”Contour Kit” Light:

The only difference between these two are the shades I got them in and that the face form kit has a blush as well as the contour shade and the highlight shade, so because they are practically the same products, I will talk about them as a collective entity. These are my favourite of all four of the products being discussed, and for the amount of product I believe that they are actually the cheapest. I love these sleek products, they are affordable, blend perfectly and the contour and highlight shades are beautiful colours, with the light contour shade being more cool toned, which suits lighter skin tones and the medium kit being more warm toned, suiting medium style skin tones. These would defiantly be my recommendations if you are searching for a compact personal use contour kit, with minimal wastage. My only criticism of these are their availability, I buy mine off, but they are not available in stores in Australia or the United States, as far as I have hear they are available in England, but I do not know if that expands out into more of Europe or isolated to the UK.


  1. I’m a contour kit hoarder! I buy them in bulk and everything haha I have too much now at this stage but some colours in them I like and others I dont and I feel mixing and matching them is perfect so I cant say they were a waste of money , I also have a variety of creams and powders too and I like to set the creams with powders so they don’t move! I wish I could get a hold of the Australis contour kit because it looks amazing but the shipping is sooooo bad and I’m not willing to pay 43 euro on something thats 16/17 dollars :/ I actually just ordered the sleek face form kit too because I wanted to try it it out. I have a blank canvas cream contour kit and its amazing!! loved your post xx

  2. I feel the exact same way about the Australis Contour Kit. There was so much hype but I was so disappointed when I got it and haven’t touched it since! Love this post xx

    1. I really wanted to like it, but every time I tried I looked so muddy and just couldn’t blend it, even tried with various brushes and no luck! Thank you so much, I just found your wordpress from your instagram and have followed, loving your content! xx

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