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I am a total self confessed skin care hater & total skin care newbie. I have no real interest in skin care, I understand that is practically blasphemy in the beauty community as I know so many beauty lovers also love their skin care and think it is just as important. I personally do not feel interested by skin care, I find it boring, I understand the necessity of skin care, and understand that a skin care routine is very important, but honestly, I like makeup far more.

With all that being said, one of my resolutions to do with my makeup for this year was to improve my skin care, that started by using less makeup wipes, and washing my face every evening instead, this has helped! I think another step would be to include a toner in my daily routine as I have large pores and I know that toners help with maintaining oils and reducing pore size and removing daily dirt, oil and makeup from the skin. I have used toners previously and I found it to be very effective to decrease my oil levels personally, so I am hoping that it will do the same again!

I am also a large scrub and exfoliator lover, this is the one aspect of skin care that I totally love and am good with. I probably exfoliate more often that I ought to, but with rough skin texturing I think that I can get away with a bit of extra exfoliation. I love a really rough scrub that leaves my skin baby smooth and removes the layers of dead skin that easily build up on my cheeks.

With all this included I picked up two new products from Biore! They were under $8 each which makes them easy to try out even if they aren’t new favourites for me. Both Biore products were from their new charcoal skincare range focusing on pore minimising and general treatment of pores.

I grabbed the Biore ”Charcoal pore minimiser exfoliate” which is meant to minimise the appearance of pores and draw out any residual dirt or oil from daily life. This is meant to be used 2-3 a week rather than as a daily cleanser. This smells incredible, like I would love to have deodorant this scent or something, because seriously amazing, I can’t wait to use it!

I also picked up the Biore ” Triple action toner” this does not have the charcoal ingredient but was included in Biore’s new launch of products. This toner has witch hazel included in the ingredients which is common in most toners as well as salicylic acid and is oil free, so all of the ingredients looked good to me! This smells similar to the pore minimiser, but not quite as strong, which I still like.

Overall, I am very excited for both of these products and think that they could both have a place in my skincare routine.

I would really love if any of you have some great skin care recommendations or even your whole skin care routine! I really want to become more involved in my skincare and take better care of my skin, because I know that I am very lucky to have skin that is not sensitive and not blemish or pimple prone. However, I do have bad redness, rough skin texturing an oily skin, so if anyone wants to be a free dermatologist for me, please feel free!

As always, big love x


  1. My worst habit is using makeup wipes because I’m too lazy to wash my face after a night out 🙁
    I do recommend trying rosehip oil at night time before bed! It does make a huge difference even if your skin is already ok. Keeps it really supple! DF xoxo

    1. I am totally the same! It’s a bad habit that I am trying to get out of! Thank you, I’ve heard really good things about rose hip oil, I really should try it out xxx

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