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Loreal Paris Infallible 24Hour-Matte foundation has recently been launched in Australia, something that personally I was very excited about after the Infalliable Pro Matte foundation has been so popular in the US. So when the equivalent was launched in Australia, I couldn’t wait to pick it up! However, as per usually I felt ripped off by makeup companies in regards to the price difference between the US and Australia. This foundation is $13US and $30AUD, that is ridiculous, no amount of minimum wage and better standard of living argument can justify the difference in price, especially considering that Australia didn’t even get the same product as the US, I see no excuse, but I am sure that makeup executives can find some unbelievable excuse for almost double charging Australian consumers as per usual, but that is a rant for a different day!

The foundation claims to be 24 hour wear, high coverage, medium texture with a matte finish, personally all very desirable things for myself in a foundation, I love full coverage for everyday, something that I realise not everybody loves, but right up my metaphorical alley.

The foundation includes 35ml of product which is relatively liquidly in consistency, and apparently has SPF 11, which however is not displayed on the packaging, I have not had the opportunity to use the foundation in flash photography, so I cannot comment on the SPF flashback. Packaging wise, I really like it, coming in a squeeze tube it allows for all of the product to be used up, meaning there is less waste and the ability to squeeze out as much as you like at a time.

My first impression of the foundation is that the colour is incredibly pink, something that I will truly never understand when formulating affordable/drugstore foundations, they seem to think that everybody has a burning desire for a foundation that makes them look sunburnt, personally not what I look for. As far as colour range, I wasn’t hugely impressed they all appeared very pink or far too dark for me and I know that ludicrously pink undertones are something that many people struggle with in regards to cheaper foundations.

Once I had moved passed the pink factor, and applied a very yellow based powder to set my entire face to cancel out the generally pink appearance of my face, I really love this foundation! It lasts a very long time, considering I have worn it twice, the first time being on a long night out in Sydney and the next just general day wear, I was very impressed with it’s longevity.

No foundation should be worn for 24 hour straight, but I truly believe that this one could be if needed, with that being kept in mind, the removal was honestly what surprised me most about this foundation. I used my micellar water to attempt to take the foundation off, expecting that I would need something stronger because of how full coverage it is, but that worked perfectly and I had none left on my face.

Overall, I totally recommend this foundation to anyone that loves full coverage foundations! This is the most full coverage affordable foundation that I have personally ever tried, but sadly will not take the place of my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, but I think will be my new affordable love, may just have to investigate another colour. Considering that I have normal to oily skin, I am unable to comment on the drying nature of the foundation and how it would interact with dry skin or even sensitive skin as neither are issues of mine. However, I will never be repurchasing Rose Beige #13 as I do not want pink skin, ever.

I hope you enjoyed my review, and I have quite a few exciting things planned for the future on the blog, have been loving the time off from Uni meaning that I am able to relax, and think of ideas for faceofsjw!

Big love, as always x

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