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There are so many affordable products that I love, the Maybelline fit me concealer is one of my all time favourites, I love my Rimmel blush in Santa Rose, it goes with everything, but affordable eyeshadow palettes are one thing that I am never wowed with! My NYX dream catcher palette cannot compete with my Urban Decay or Lorac, there playing a different game, which I understand, but there are so many comparable products in the more affordable range, but eyeshadow palettes just seen tricky!

Thats why I love BH cosmetics, these palettes are huge, and affordable, they might not be the same quality as a high end palette, but there getting off the bench and into the game. I have never tried Morphe palettes nor costal scents or anything comparable, but I do love my BH palettes, with one in particular!

The BH cosmetics 26 colour palette with neutral eyeshadows and blush is a serious winner in my opinion! The colours are a mixture of beautiful warm toned neutrals that I love to slap onto my eye any day of the week, they are great quality for the price and come in such a big range of colours and tones that I think you would be hard pressed to not be able to find something from BH that suits you and your budget.

The other palette pictured is the BH cosmetics ”28 Colour Neutral eyeshadows palette” I personally prefer the 26 colour blush and eyeshadow palette as I think the colours are a better formula and selection.

These palettes aren’t perfect, the do kick up a far bit of powder, but I find that they are easy to blend and apply nicely to the eye with a primer for a base. The shadows can be built to increase intensity and layered to increase their dimension. There is also a dead ringer for Urban Decay “Buck” from the first naked palette, that perfect neutral matte brown within the 26 colour palette with neutral eyeshadows and blushes (the palette names aren’t the most original, but I’m all about the product).

I would defiantly recommend these to a beginner wanting to begin their collection and also anyone looking to expand their collection with some more neutrals, because enough is never enough with neutral eyeshadows!

Big love as always, sjw x

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