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Dove is not a new brand to me, it is a brand that I have used over a long period of time, I have used their roll on deodorant, their spray deodorant, their gradual tan moisturiser (I used that religiously for around 2 years straight) I have also used their soap bars, which are the only soap that I will ever use because it’s so moisturising, also a favourite of my dear father haha.

So with that in mind when I was emailed asking if I would be interested in receiving a couple of dove products to try out and review, there is no greater feeling than knowing that you are being sent products that you will love! Dove products are safe, they are always well made, presented and smell delicious! I was thrilled to try out the products, and a huge thank you to Dove and Sarah Humphries PR agency for sending me these products to try, review and enjoy.

Let’s get down to it, I was spoilt!

I’ll start with body care, I have the ”Silky Nourishing Body Cream”, “Purely Pampering Body Wash”, “Summer Glow Gradual Body Lotion”, “Roll On Original Deodorant” and “Invisible Dry Spray On Deodorant”.

I have previously used both of the deodorants and the gradual tanning body lotion, I used both the roll on deodorant and gradual tanning body lotion for around two years each, and recommend them both highly, the spray deodorant is lovely as well, but personally I prefer a roll on deodorant but do always like to have a spray deodorant to take to the gym and just generally have “just in case”. The roll on deodorant is a great all day deodorant that I always feel comfortable wearing all day without worrying about it wearing off or the scent wavering.

The gradual self tanning lotion is an old favourite of mine, I think I used this for over two years straight and I completely recommend this to anyone who likes a gradual tanner or even anyone new to tanning who wants to start tanning without worrying about streaking, this is a fool proof gradual tan.

Now to the products which are new to me, I used the body wash to shave my legs and generally in the shower, this smells beautiful and contains Shea Butter and Vanilla, so it seriously smells incredible and feels very thick and luxurious, it creates a really thick lather that works perfectly to shave and left my skin feeling soft and moisturised even after I had finished my bath and shower, will be repurchasing this as a general use product for the shower and really loved the feel of this body wash.

Secondly, the nourishing body cream, I am in love! This is a thick cream that I personally think is multi purpose as I have used it as a moisturiser for my whole body,  but also a great spot cream to apply to extra dry areas for great hydration. This worked perfectly as an all over moisturiser before I fake tanned as it left my whole body feeling soft and and super hydrated, which is perfect considering how lazy I am in regards to moisturising as it leaves me feeling like I moisturise on a great regime, a total lie.

Finally the shampoo and conditioner which are the “Nourshing Oil Care” which claims to nourish smooth dry, rough and frizzy ends, which is right up my personal hair needs as I have long curly/wavy hair that does at times feel dry and dehydrated. I enjoyed this shampoo and conditioner combination, it didn’t weigh my hair down and my hair felt soft and even slightly shinier than previously, however I feel that I need to use this more than twice in order to give a full review, but defiantly so far so good for the shampoo and conditioner.

As you can probably tell, I enjoyed all of the products from Dove, which honestly did not surprise me, I love the new packaging that Dove has began using, its clean and simple, the way that I love packaging! I have completely fallen in love with the nourishing body cream and I have to nominate that as my personal standout from the products that I haven’t tried before.

As always, big love x

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