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Recently Maybelline has released a lot of products to the Australian market, a lot of these have already been released in the United States and other countries.

I personally picked up three products from their new range as they appealed to me most! I picked up the Fit Me foundation in “Matte and Poreless” #120, the Lash Senstational mascara and the Hyper Sharp Wing liquid eyeliner.

Firstly, the Hyper Sharp liquid liner, I feel like Maybelline defiantly does the best liquid liner in the affordable range, they have a few variations, and this one is honestly my favourite! I love how thin the tip of the liner is and how black the line comes out, I do reccomenend drawing out a few lines before using this on the eye as the colour needs to come out a little bit before it comes out as the truly glossy black. This also lasts a long time on my eye which I think is very important when it comes to liquid liner!

The Lash Sensational mascara was a release that I was very excited about because of hearing so many positive reviews regarding it. I got the non waterproof, black version as it is what I personally prefer. This mascara like most Maybelline mascaras is one of the better from the more affordable spectrum of mascaras. This mascara lengthens and volumises slightly, but coats the lashes nicely in a very black colour. In my opinion this is more lengthening than it is focused on volumising. I still have been enjoying it and think it is very flattering on my eyes.

Finally, my favourite product out of the three! Let’s just say I hated the original dewy Fit Me foundation more than any other foundation I have ever used. That was passed on to a dry skinned friend, it was no friend of mine. That is why I was thrilled when Maybelline released the Matte and Poreless version, much more my personal preference. I love this foundation! I got it in the shade 120, which is my fake tan shade, which should truly illustrate to you how pale I am naturally! The foundation is medium buildable coverage that can be worked up to a full coverage foundation. I love the finish, it’s a semi matte finish that looks natural whilst maintaining oil control. I really recommend this to anyone that enjoys a matte foundation or even a semi matte as with an illuminating primer or finishing powder it can defiantly be less matte.

I have enjoyed all three new Maybelline products that I tried out, they all worked for me, which is always lovely! They have a new master sculpt contouring duo that I am curious about but the shimmery highlight didn’t completely appeal to me so if you have tried it, please let me know! Big love, as always x


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