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Mecca Maxima is a heavenly place, to those who have not experienced Mecca, it is similar to Sephora, a store dedicated to beautiful high end makeup, with brands such as Too Faced, Smashbox, Nars, Hourglass, Bobbi Brown, Stila, Kit Cosmetics and Yves Saint Laurent. I have never had a negative experience at Mecca, the staff have always been friendly in my opinion and try their best to help with any enquires or difficulties. I understand that some may have had a negative experience, but I have always been thrilled with my Mecca Maxima experience at Macquarie Centre. The catalyst for this haul was my tax refund, I received a lot more from the ATO than expected, so I saved 80% of the money and then used the rest to spend on myself!

Here’s what I picked up from Mecca Maxima, they were all things that I had on my wish list ad I had carefully considered what I wanted to pick up, before going in store on Thursday.

Firstly, I bee lined for the Too Faced stand, with there being a few items that I was determined to pick up! I grabbed the Semi Sweet Chocolate bar palette, Better Than Sex Mascara, Milk Chocolate matte Bronzer and a duo mini size pack of the Shadow Insurance. The Semi Sweet Chocolate bar palette is beautiful, I already have the original palette, and adore the original palette, I would say it would have to be my most used palette of 2015 thus far, and I think that the Semi Sweet variation will get a workout as well! The colours are warmer than the original, but seem to have the same great texture and quality that the original palette has.

The better than sex mascara is a cult favourite that for the longest time in Australia was completely sold out and literally impossible to pick up, so I have been desperate to try out this mascara as I have heard so many rave reviews about the mascara. My first impression is that the wand is a large hourglass shape that looks like it will coat the lashes nicely. Another observation is how heavy it is! The tube of mascara is quite weighted, it feels sturdy and luxurious.

Next was the milk matte chocolate matte bronzer, another cult favourite that comes in various colours which appeals greatly to me as I have pale skin and love the concept of a bronzer coming out in three shades, allowing everybody to get their best possible match! The colour swatches nicely and blends nicely when swatched, the packaging is a beautiful gold ornate style and I love the whole package!

Lastly from Too Faced, the twin pack of miniature shadow insurance in ”Anti Crease” and ”Champagne”. I have never used the shadow insurance from Too Faced, so when I saw this double miniature package, I thought it would be a great way of trying the product before buying the full size of the shadow insurance if I like it. These are small, similar size to the testers that are given with the Lorac palette, which is a far amount of product considering that eyeshadow primer only needs to be used sparingly.

After my little Too Faced rampage I wandered around store before ending up at the Smashbox stand, picking up the Studio Skin foundation and the contour palette which is a trio of a bronzer, contour shade and highlight. The studio skin foundation is a product that I always hear the occasional mention about, but only hear good things when I hear anything about it, it claims to be a 15 hour wear, oil free hydrating fountain and medium build able coverage. My best friend uses this foundation and loves it  so that was convincing enough especially after I heard that it is one of BeautyLifeMichelle’s favourite foundations. There is no mention of SPF so I’m assuming that it is fine to use with flash photography!

Lastly I picked up the Contour palette which is something that I have been coveting for some time now! I love that it comes with a contour shade, bronzer and highlight. I find that six powder contour kits seem excessive as my makeup is only for personal use, so I really do not need six shades, three do me just fine! The contour shade is that beautiful ash style colour that creates a hollow cheekbone look, the bronze shade is far warmer which will work well for warming up the face and the highlight shade is a light yellow shade designed for the under eye area to give a brightened look to the face.

So that was the lot, probably the biggest high end haul I have done since January as I am more of a grazing style shopper than one to pick up a lot at once. Will probably do a review of individual product from the haul in future blog posts, but let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see!

As always, big love! x


  1. I think the girls at Mecca are fantastic. I’ve also never had a bad experience however everytime I’m there, the shop is always so busy with so many customers LOL gotta push my way through to swatch stuff . The TooFaced shadow insurance to me is a much better eye primer than the UD. DF xoxo


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