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I love affordable beauty products, some products from affordable brands are some of my favourite products, my Rimmel Stay Matte setting powder is something that I have repurchased so many times I can’t remember, my Loreal Brow Artiste is a product that I use over and over again, there are so many affordable products that I love. However, eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes just don’t seem to be the same. The quality really seems to be lacking in regards to affordable eyeshadows and palettes, they just aren’t on the same class as high end eyeshadow palettes, they don’t even seem like they’re playing the same game. I have always been willing to splurge on eyeshadow palettes, the quality is a cut above, I love my Urban Decay Naked palettes, my Lorac Pro and Mega Pro and both my Too Faced Chocolate bar and the new to my collection Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette. These palettes are all beautiful eyeshadows, they are all blend able, easy to apply and look stunning on the eye. Affordable palettes just always seem to let me down, I know I seem fussy but I don’t want to use something and say that ”It’s great for the price” I want the product to be great regardless, like so many other affordable products!

So that’s why after hearing so much about Chi Chi cosmetics and their eyeshadow palettes I was intrigued, initially to be honest I was very sceptical, as I really didn’t believe that these affordable palettes could put a dint in my love for my high end palettes. These affordable palettes defiantly do give the more expensive comparison a run for their metaphorical money!

The closest comparison that I see in regards to colour range is that of the Chi Chi cosmetics ”Nudes” palette and the Urban Decay ”Naked 1” palette. The Naked 1 is the first ever eyeshadow palette that I owned and probably my first makeup item that really made me fall in love with doing makeup. The variety of looks with the Naked 1 is incredible, so when I saw the colours in comparison to the Naked 1 and the Nudes palette from Chi Chi, I couldn’t help but try it out and see if there was a comparison, or if it was too good to be true.

The Chi Chi palette has literally very similar colours to the original naked palette, meaning versatile and mixture of matte shadows and shimmery shadows.

My overall verdict is as per usual you get what you pay for, that’s not to say that I don’t like the Chi Chi palette, I think it’s lovely, the pigmentation isn’t at the same level as the Urban Decay original Naked, but the shadows are blend able, come in a variety of beautiful colours and finishes, and most of all the palette is affordable. I would say that it does take a bit more work to create bold eye looks, but it is still easy to enjoy as a palette with beautiful colours.

The Urban Decay palette is unable to be beaten in my opinion, but for a budget the Chi Chi palette does work very well, and I continue to use it even though I do believe that the Urban Decay palette is better, the Chi Chi Nudes is still something that I am very glad to have in my collection. For those of you that have read my blog for a while now you will know how selective I am with calling a ”dupe” on a product, but I am willing to label the Chi Chi cosmetics Nudes palette as a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette!

Thank you for reading this brief comparison review, I hope you enjoyed it, and as always, big love to you all x


  1. <3 the Naked 1 palette. I think that was my first real like makeup item I bought. Great comparison. I just got my smoky palette in the mail 🙂 sooo excited to crack into it when I get home from work – I'm posting about it later today in case your interested in swatches 🙂


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