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Recently I was sent an at home teeth whitening kit which is LED based using a gel and plate system. I have previously used another one of these at home teeth whitening kits, but I was not impressed by the last kit that I had used so I was very interested in testing this one out for an honest blog review to you all. This one is the White With Style “Sparkle White Teeth Whitening Kit”.

The White With Style kit is an American based company that is BPA free, 99% Kosher and made in an FDA registered facility, it is also gluten free and vegan. The kit comes with two mouth guards style plates, a plastic syringe of gel, 3 vitamin E swabs, a holdable LED light that fits in between lips and a couple of leaflets talking about the products, how to use and other useful information.

One thing that I immediately loved about the kit is how easy it is to transport and travel with, meaning that I can whiten my teeth anywhere that I travel to, convenience is always a plus for me. The kit says that it lasts 10 treatments, but I really believe that more than 10 treatments could be used out this gel treatment, obviously depending on how much is used per treatment.

The system is simple to use, with the first time moulding the mouth guards to upper and lower teeth, which takes under five minutes requiring only hot water. Then place the gel along the mouth guards, leaving both top and bottom in for 30 minutes. This honestly isn’t an issue, as the LED light sits comfortably in between my lips, look no hands! I sit and type emails, blog posts or watch Netflix on my laptop while whitening my teeth, super easy!

I have used the system twice since receiving and have noticed that my teeth have defiantly lightened by around two shades from before I used it. I do recommend brushing teeth with whitening tooth paste before and after using the the teeth whitening system, as I found that drastically increased how much whiter it made my teeth appear, and maintained the whiter colour of my teeth. I use whitening tooth paste on a daily basis both morning and night to maintain the whiteness of the kit, and also for general dental hygiene!

Overall, I completely recommend this product, simply visit and select the ”Sparkle White, Teeth Whitening Kit” and enter the code ”faceofsjw28” at the checkout to order the kit I have reviewed for $28US, originally $229US saving almost 90%, which is always good to hear!

So please if you have any questions, leave them below! I was sent this product by the company, and although I was sent the product, this is my honest review, I would never post a false review on my blog if I did not truly enjoy the product, I want my reviews to be trusted by all! Elvis also tells me that it works great as a pillow, and everyone loves a multi use product!

As always, big love to you all x


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