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July was the month of my tax return as I shall remember it, a glorious haul from Mecca Maxima, and a lot of new affordable releases. This may also be known as the month that my foundation obsession became very, vey clear. Affordable foundations were bought and tried, so many affordable foundations. Some new favourites were found, new techniques tried and as per usual my wish list grew madly.

So, within this months favourite, there are some new products, and some old favourites coming back to the surface. Keep reading if you are interested in the products that I was loving this month, a mixture of makeup, skincare, body care and something a little different. The products are in no particular order!

  • MAC Cosmetics – Fix Plus spray:

I have had this for around 6 months and use it at least once a week I would say, but this month I was loving this little geanie in a bottle. Fix + is a total old favourite, that honestly looks like water in a bottle that seems wildly overpriced, but I cannot describe and don’t pretend to understand how this works, but it settles my face, and helps brighten eyeshadows. I spray this after completing all powders on my face daily or on an eyeshadow brush to intensify the eyeshadow.

  • Maybelline – Fit Me foundation ”Matte & Poreless” #120:

I have already done a large review on this foundation so I won’t ramble too much, but I love this foundation, somebody actually mistook it for Estee Lauder double wear, which I believe is the ultimate compliment. This is a great everyday long wear foundation and if you are someone that needs to apply makeup in the morning and force it to last until the end of the day then I totally recommend this, workers and university students, this one is for you! I need a lighter shade however for when I am too lazy to fake tan.

  • Chi Chi Cosmeitcs – Centrefold lipstick:

This is a ”Buff Nude” as described by Chi Chi cosmetics, it is a matte formula, that is completely comfortable to wear, but lasts well like a matte formula. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen this a million times, I love this colours, it’s the perfect pinky, peachy nude with the slightest brown tint, which I normally don’t like, but this nude is my all time favourite, I’m calling it, my new holy grail nude lip, previously it was MAC ”Shy Girl”, but move on over MAC.

  • Too Faced – Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette:

This is warm toned heaven. I love my original palette, but nothing would make me happier than a mega chocolate bar palette, because together they are perfection! The ultimate mixture of eyeshadows, with so many different eye looks. I love this palette, in my eyes the quality is the same as the original palette, I love the matte eggshell colour for setting primer and an non shimmer or glitter brow bone highlight. I have been constantly reaching for this palette and often combining it with the original palette.

  • Too Faced – Milk Chocolate Soleil:

Too Faced has done no wrong by me this month, or ever for that matter. This bronzer is no exception. This bronzer is the Chocolate Soleil bronzer, which comes in three shades, being Milk, Regular and Dark, I personally have Milk Chocolate as I am pale, even when wearing fake tan. This bronzer is perfection, it blends seamlessly, has tiny amounts of fall out and is pigmented enough that it is easy to achieve the desired amount, without becoming muddy. I really recommend this and I love that it comes in three different shades allowing for all skin tones to enjoy this goodness that is this product!

  • Too Faced – Better Than Sex Mascara:

The most talked about mascara from my personal memory, everybody is obsessed with this mascara and enough praises cannot be sung for it. Being sold out forever, I knew I had to get my little paws on at as soon as possible. This is a very wet formula, so I understand how some find it difficult to initially use, so I recommend leaving it a week after opening to apply to lashes. Overall, the most dramatic mascara that I have ever used, and I am in love with it!

  • ORLY – Flash Dry Quick Dry Drops:

A simple concept, these are just clear drops that I am relatively sure are mostly alcohol, anyway, these are clever little drops that you drip on your nails after painting as many layers as you want, and voila! Dry nails super quick! Simple concept, but a really great product.

Now for the skincare, body care and other portion:

  • Skinstitut – Firming eye & neck cream:

I have done a full review of my skinstitut products, but I love this product so much. It’s a fantastic eye cream that has helped my under eyes out so well, loving it 100%.

  • Skinstitut – Glycolic scrub 14%:

Another one with a full review, this scrub is perfect for my rough skin texturing on my cheeks and has made my face so much softer than ever before! I love this scrub and cannot recommend it enough to heavy duty scrub lovers like myself!

  • Dove – Silk Nourishing Body Cream:

The best body cream ever! I hate moisturising, I am so lazy, I hate having to stand there in my underwear and do nothing while I wait for it to dry, so the way I see it, the less frequent the better, so that is why this bad boy is perfection for lazy people such as myself! It absorbs relatively quickly, and leaves my skin moisturised for a long time after use, so I only need to use it 3 or so times a week and still get great results. Perfect for application on severely dry areas such as elbows, knees and hands!

  • White With Style – Sparkle White Teeth Whitening Kit:

Yet another product with a full review already on the blog, so have a scroll back for a very detailed review by yours truly! This has really helped my teeth in conjunction with whitening tooth paste and mouth wash, loving it lately, and loving the way that my teeth are looking! Use my code ”faceofsjw28” to get the kit for $28 as a oppose to $228!

So I hope that wasn’t too many favourites for you all, but I have been loving so many different products this month! Let me know if there is anything else you’re loving currently!

As always, big love to you all x


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