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What did I tell you ladies, I just knew that 2015 would be the year of the contour kit, and honestly it didn’t take much to realise this. Contour kits are every where, they are coming in all shapes and sizes from six shade, trio’s and duo’s, with the latest edition seems to be cream contouring for a slightly more natural contour.

With all this being said Models Prefer (priceline’s own brand of cosmetics) has brought out their own version of a six shade powder contour kit, with standard set up of three highlight shades and three contour shades. This “kit” retails for $16.95 and is exclusively sold in Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy. It also comes with a full sized mirror unlike most large contour kit’s!

When I first swatched the shades in the palette I was impressed that there was less fall out than my Smashbox contour trio, and the initial general tone of the colours also interested me, the first two highlight and contour shades all appealed to me, but the third highlight and third contour did not suit my skin tone or general preferences.

Into the highlight shades, there seems to be a very standard set up for contour palettes with six shades, there is a pink based matte shade firstly, then followed by a yellow based shade, and I would use both of these powders under my eyes to set under eye concealer. The third shade is a shimmery slightly pink based highlight shade, that does not interest me in the slightest, like every contour kit I have tried, the attempted shimmery “highlight” shade is just so lacklustre, nothing special! I’ll stick to my brand new shimmering skin perfetor in “Opal” from Becca Cosmetics, every time I look at it I can hear the heavens opening!

Now the contour shades, the first contour shade is a nice warm shade that isn’t too orange but can be used to lightly warm the face, the second shade is the crowing jewel of this palette in my opinion. It is a cool tones contour shade with an ashy look to it, which makes it perfect for faking that under cheek bone shadow. The last shade doesn’t interest me as it is almost violently warm, probably able to be used as a transition shade eyeshadow, a lovely terracotta colour, but will be going no where near my cheeks!

Overall, I have used this palette once on my face, and swatched it on my arm once, as well as staring at it for a while! The palette is pigmented, but defiantly build able, which I think is perfect in regards to contouring, the colours blend nicely so that even if you are a little heavy handed, it won’t become a mud slide on your cheek bones. My only really qualm with this palette is that the colours are slightly chalky to feel, they aren’t that high quality buttery feel that you may find in other contour and highlight powders, but on the face I don’t think it is noticeable.

In conclusion, I recommend this palette highly, I think that it is a fantastic price for the amount of product in the kit, and the colours are easy to work with and use, defiantly multi use as well as the contour shades could all be used as eyeshadows as well as the highlight shades. I would recommend this to anyone that can get there hands on it from a Priceline store, as I think it is a great beginners item but also a great addition to a large collection such as my own. I will continue to use this palette for daily use, but do prefer my Smashbox trio overall.

For any of those out there wondering about a comparison between this palette and the Australis contour kit, which has six shades as well and is a the same price point. The two palettes appear remarkably similar, but I could not stand the Australis contour kit, I only used it for the yellow based middle highlight shade, aside from that, the Australis contour kit did nothing for me personally, I found it impossible to blend and far to pigmented to be useful, I could only ever achieve a lovely brown stripe down the side of my face, and that was all that kit could give to me. I can only say, that the Models Prefer kit runs rings around the Australis kit and if you have not tried either, I highly suggest that you try the Models Prefer contour kit over the Australis. This is not me saying that I do not like Australis, because they make some incredible products, but in my opinion the contour kit was not one of them.

Here is a comparison of both of the palette’s, the Models prefer palette is also more nicely packaged as it is a thicker plastic in comparison to Australis palette which feels cheaper, with a less sturdy open and close clasp. As you can probably tell in the Australis palette the only shade that has been well loved is the middle yellow and the rest have only been swatched and used once or twice when attempting to make the palette work for me.

As always, big love to you all x


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