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Welcome back, thank you so much to any of you who read my last blog post, because it had the most views of anything I have ever posted on my blog, so exciting days are ahead.

This is the first time that I have really spoken about hair care on my blog, because I have recently been trying out so many new things that I feel like I have a lot to share with you, so this may be a long one, but I like to be thorough so that you can all discern what is worth getting for you and what you can probably sit out on.

Marc Anthony | Curl Defining Styling Lotion:

I use the beauty for leave in conditioning when my hair is damp, to scrunch and style so when my hair dries naturally that my curls are naturally defined and have a bit more elasticity in comparison to when they are a bit dull. This is moisturising and I think makes my hair softer. It also mostly does not weigh my hair down in any way possible, my hair doesn’t feel full of product, but light weight with a lovely natural curl accentuated.

Available at Priceline & Target.

Protane | Moroccan Argan Oil:

This is a simple argan oil that has been widely popular for its moisturising properties that also adds shine. This particular brand is far cheaper, being around $10. It adds shine, moisture and I really believe helps prevent split ends, to an extent obviously, sometimes it really just needs a cut! I apply this on the ends of my hair when wet straight out of the shower and then brush my hair, working the product around slightly more. It is a thick oil that can leave a residue, so less is more, I really recommend one or two pumps. I know other brands do very similar products, but this is my slightly cheaper alternative that does the same thing!

Available at Aldi.

John Frieda | Frizz-Ease Curl Reviver Styling Mousse:

This mousse is a part of the John Frieda ”Frizz-Ease” range which I have been a long term fan of, they have recently re done their packaging, but I think the products are the same amazing quality as always. This is a great mousse that adds extra volume and exentuates curls, I apply this wet or dry. Another that I think that not a heap of product needs to be used to achieve desired looks. After having curly hair and trying out copious amounts of styling mousse, this is the one that I keep going back to over and over again.

Available at Woolworths, Priceline, Big W & Chemist Warehouse. 

Marc Anthony | 3 Days Curls, Curl It Up Spray:

When it comes to maintaining a curl after washing I only really like to use spray’s. Oil’s, cream’s, lotion’s & serum’s all seem to leave my hair feeling heavy and like there is too much product involved, when applied to my hair dry, when wet, my hair can cope, but not when dry. This spray is lightweight and mists out subtly enough that large clumps are not applied, meaning that the even mist coats my hair lightly and when I work it through my hair scrunching in natural curl motions it adds some of the elasticity that is often lost when slept on, mixed in with humidity, my chronic playing with my hair and just general wear though out the day. Washing my hair every 3 or so days makes a product like this perfect as I love being able to prolong my curls. Seriously recommend if you don’t want too much product in your hair!

Available Priceline & Target.

Toni & Guy | Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo:

This is a new release from Toni & Guy, and the first product I have ever used from the brand. I am so impressed! This is the newest of all the products that I have used, but when you know, you know. This is a pretty standard dry shampoo in the way that it absorbs oil from the roots allowing hair to remain unwashed that little bit longer, perfect for travelling or lazy persons such as myself! What really separates this dry shampoo from the others I have tried is the fact that it truly does add volume to the roots of my hair, whilst also acting as a dry shampoo. I think some people assume that because I have curly hair that it is also voluminous, but that is not always the case, at times my hair lies so flat, so something like this is the perfect touch up during the day or mid week!

Available at Big W, Priceline & Target.

V05 | Give Me Texture, Dry Texturising Spray:

This is very similar to the Toni & Guy and guy product but more focussed on adding texturing than being a dry shampoo, which is the purpose of this dry texturising spray. This smells lovely, and is another great touch up product. It has a small amount of sea salt in it, adding that beach style texture but without feeling drying like a traditional sea salt spray that can feel drying in my opinion! I really love this spray and is probably the most affordable product that I have spoken about.

Available at Pricline, Target, Chemist Warehouse & Big W. 

I hope you have enjoyed this curly hair product recommendations and I realise that some of these products are almost exclusively designed for curly hair, but some of the products, such as both the dry shampoo and dry texturing spray could defiantly be used on other hair types. Any question as always please leave them for me below and I will try my best to get back to you!

My only disclaimer is that I was sent a couple of these products, but that has in no way influenced my opinion of these products as I will always maintain an honest opinion when reviewing products.

Big love to you all, as always x

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  1. I’m honestly so slack with my hair. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve stopped using conditioner too LOL I just recently moved houses so I managed to fill a whole box up with hair sample goodies (shampoo, conditioner, treatments, oils etc) so I’ve made it a mission to start using these all up before I go out and buy anything else for my hair! This way I’ll be able to try out what works for me and what doesnt! DF xox

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