O R I G I N A L VS. S E M I S W E E T:

Too Faced is releasing a new range of “Love Flushes” blushes and their highly hyped “Born This Way” foundation at Mecca Maxima tomorrow morning being the 25th of August. This launch has had me excited for a while now, with Too Faced being one of my favourite brands because of their high quality of products and honestly have never been disappointed by any thing that I have purchased from the brand, and I feel like they are constantly coming out with new innovations. So, with that being said I thought I would discuss two of my favourite products from the brand, and give you all a little comparison.

You have probably guessed via the title what I am discussing, it is the Chocolate bar collection from Too Faced and I will be comparing the original chocolate bar palette with the newer semi sweet chocolate bar. Spoiler alert, I love both of these palette’s and together they are my most used eyeshadows, Too Faced, you did good.

Here is a physical comparison of the two palettes with the Semi Sweet having the writing of the names of each shade, and the original chocolate bar palette being plain.

Overall, I would say that the quality of these palettes is very similar and I do not notice a difference between the quality of the palettes, but only a difference in the shade selection. I know that initially there was a lot of disappointment with the quality of the Semi Sweet palette in comparison to the Original Chocolate bar palette, but I am relatively sure that there was a second release of better quality Semi Sweet bar’s with the same quality as the original, I personally do not notice a difference between the two!

The only real criticism I have of the original palette is that the names of the shadows are not on the palette, and I threw away the plastic sheet a long time ago, so I have no clue what the names of the shadows are!

Personally, the original palette is my favourite, I love the Semi Sweet palette, and I think that it has some gorgeous colours in it, and obviously depending on personal preference is really the main difference between the two palettes. I think the quality is the same, the packaging is the same aside from colour, so very similar palettes, when it honestly is just personal preference if you prefer very warm tones or slightly warm tones with some neutral undertones.

I have two critiques of these palettes overall, in the original palette there is a purple and in the semi sweet palette there is a blue shade, both of these coloured shades in both palettes are pretty rubbish, I tried using them on my best friend for a mermaid eye look, and they were awful!

My second issue is not an issue that I have, but others may find frustrating is how warm toned the palettes are, the original palette is slightly less warm and strays more neutral, with the Semi Sweet palette is very warm toned! I know this may satisfy many people, such as my self, but some people much prefer cool toned eyeshadows in which neither of these palettes would satisfy that preference.

So here is a little snap of the Semi Sweet palette, looking beautiful, and I would love for you all to let me know which is your favourite if you have both, because I honestly love having both and am glad that I own both, because lets face it, you can never have too many eyeshadow palettes in my opinion!

As always, big love to you all! Leave any requests for future blog posts you would like to see! x


    1. I totally feel the same, I bought the Semi Sweet knowing that I would probably not use it as much as my beloved original chocolate bar, but I don’t regret it! Still love the colours in the Semi Sweet xxx

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