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Another month has come and gone and I am talking about all the products that I have been loving, it might be a slightly shorter favourites than my last, but I’m focusing on quality of products rather than quantity, there really are some gems in here!

Becca Cosmetics – Shimmering Skin Perfector ”Opal”:

This product, is so hyped, not even so much the colour “Opal” but the formulation of Becca’s highlighters is a thing of makeup folk law! I know understand all the chatter, it all makes sense, the rave reviews no longer seem exaggerated, they seem so justified, because I have never used a highlighter or any other powder product that feels like this one! I love this product, it is incredibly finely milled and gives the most iridescent glow to the face, cannot recommend these products enough! I will defiantly be picking up “Moonstone” at some point!

Laura Mercier – Face Illuminator “Indiscretion”:

This is a limited edition item that was sent from the heavens created to make makeup addicts like myself feel weak at the knees! It’s the most beautiful makeup product I have ever seen, let alone owned. The highlight as a product is beautiful, more subtle than the Becca product, but more customisable which I really do like. The colour is a gold and champagne colour and relatively universal for a majority of skin tones I would imagine!

Australis – Tint My Brow Brow Gel “Dark Brown”:

This is a huge statement for me to include this product in my favourites, because I previously haaaated this product, to the point that i threw out my first tube of this brow gel after around three uses. I was convinced that this product was awful and impossible to get along with, but after repurchasing after positive reviews, I thought that I may have been a little irrational in parting ways so quickly! I was so right, but there is one aspect that I still do not enjoy about this product, I think the brush is insanely big for a brow gel product. Over looking an extraordinarily large brush, I really enjoy the texturing that this product leaves through my brows! So Australis, give this brush a trim and it could be my all time favourite brow gel!

Too Faced – Shadow Insurance “Champagne”:

I purchased the mini duo of “Champagne” & “Original” at Mecca Maxima, as I needed a new eyeshadow primer and I am a firm believer that eyeshadow primer makes a huge difference in the application of eyeshadow. I thought that the champagne shade would not be my favourite, but with a shimmery base eyeshadow, this primer brings out my Stila Kitten eyeshadow beautifully! I love having both the original and the champagne!

Colourpop – Lippie Stix “Ellarie”:

I love all my Colourpop lippie stix that I picked up during the month of August, I got 6 shades and I have enjoyed all of them! The standout for me, has to be the Ellarie! It is a really deep red and I believe would suit any skin tone, a classic colour and a big recommendation of mine for any ladies looking for some darker colours to add to their collections!

Note: As I am writing this post, and looking to take photos of the products, I cannot seem to find my ”Ellarie” Lippie Stick! So if I do find it, I will insert a photo above this post, but if not I am terribly sorry, and also slightly devastated that I cannot find it!

Dove – Dry Care Hair Oil:

I don’t know about you, but seeing “oil” on any product makes me shudder usually, I have normal to oily skin, so “oil free” is usually a phrase that I seek out, but “oil” normally leaves me feeling greasy and weighed down, even if it is my hair or my face! So this hair oil was a skeptical try as a lovely pr sample, and I truly believe in trying everything once at least, and I am so glad that I gave this oil a try because it has changed the way I use conditioner! The is a really clever little treatment  which I use in conjunction with my conditioner in the shower, a couple of pumps into my conditioner, leave it in my hair for two minutes or so, and then wash out, a quick little treatment! I also use a couple of pumps in my hair once I have gotten out of the shower, brushing it through my hair so there is no product buildup! Could not recommend this product enough!

Sorry that this monthly favourites was a little bit on the lighter side, but I didn’t have a heap of new products to talk about, but the ones that I did mention have been really well loved this month!

Another monthly favourite that I have to mention is being announced as the Sydney State Representative for the Bloggers United Australia Sydney event! If you have not heard of Bloggers United Australia, please go check out their Instagram, they are two amazing women working so hard to make the blogging community a positive community to be involved in! I have been so well supported by these ladies since their organisation began, they truly are the kindest people! Check out their instagram @bloggersunitedau and Jasmine and Nikita’s Instagram’s are also linked!

I also have some exciting collaborations coming out with both brands and other bloggers and Instagram users coming up next month, so please keep your eyes peeled on both my Instagram (@faceofsjw) and this blog.

As always, big love to you all! x


  1. Where can I find Opal in stock?! I recently purchased Rose Gold and I LOVE it. I would love to add Opal to my collection, but I can’t find it in stock anywhere! I got Rose Gold from Adore Beauty along with my Skinstitut Scrub because of your recommendation on Snapchat (and I love the scrub to the end of the world).

  2. I wrote an entire post on Dove (which you can see here: and I thought I included the majority of what they have to offer but who knew they had hair oil?! In all my years of using Dove, I have never known this. I am currently using a cactus and garlic oil (actually smells pretty nice haha) on my hair and I feel like giving this a go after reading your review. I love oils and how they improve how your hair feels. I must purchase this ! <3

  3. I’m not sure where you are from but if in the UK, could you tell me where you can check out Becca from? I have heard so much about those shimmering perfectors, need to see them in person though xx

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