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This blog post is dedicated to all the makeup products that I always have to keep on hand, whether it be in my handbag, university bag or car, these kinds products are always somewhere close by!

I define this more into categories, rather than specific products and rotate them into whatever I have been loving at the time, the specific product may change but the kinds of products are always the same!

M A K E U P B A G:

Loving all of this makeup and beauty has to go somewhere and my latest makeup bag love has been this gorgeous turquoise blue and white zig zag design, which is huge! It fits so much of my makeup, making everything so convenient! It is a very soft cloth material and has a black interior! These large makeup bags are from and are not currently available but will be soon, and will come in various different gorgeous prints!.

L I P B A L M:

I am a chronic sufferer of dry lips and hate that feeling, this is intensified when I am stressed or during winter with the wind causing havoc!

My total go to lip balm is the Maybelline ”Baby Lips”! These are my favourite, they’re affordable, small, easy to apply and come in so many delicious flavours, I am a huge fan, and if you have been with my since the start, you’re probably sick of hearing about them, I would say sorry, but I am really not!

C O N C E A L E R:

This is something that probably isn’t 100% necessary, but a great saviour to fix up any makeup that has worn away during the day, as I have extremely oily skin at times, so a bit of spot concealing during the day has saved my makeup more than once!

My weapon of travel choice is again another Maybelline product, not sponsored I swear! Maybelline ”Fit Me Conealer” in ”Light – 10” this concealer is another old favourite of mine, it never does me wrong, offers great coverage and is easy to touch up during the day using! I have no complaints about this concealer, and if anywhere has a 40% off or 50% off sale, I buy almost every on the shelf, enough said!

P O W D E R:

Again another oily person problem, daily touchups, powder is such a safety blanket for me, a total necessity for me! I love a translucent powder for touch ups as they don’t add too much more to the skin, but offer some oil control without overwhelming the skin!

My current love is my Laura Mercier ”Invisible Setting Powder” in ”Universal” this powder is pricey, but seriously worth the price, it is a gorgeous velvet powder, I feel photoshopped when wearing this! So much love for this powder, it never looks cakey and doesn’t add any colour so it works with every foundation!

L I P S T I C K:

Lipstick is something that is always floating around my bag or car, there is always a couple around me, they gravitate toward me, like moths to a flame, or maybe it’s me associating strongly with lipsticks, it’s a mystery to me!

I normally will always have a nude lipstick in my handbag, they go with evey makeup look, totally fool proof! My current favourite is my Chi Chi Cosmetics ”Centrefold” which on my skin is the perfect pinky nude, it is a very pale pink, which I know is not some peoples metaphorical cup of tea, but I love a really nude, nude!

M A S C A R A:

Mascara can save me so many times from looking dead, mascara opens my eyes and adds depth to any makeup look, also completes every makeup look. Sometimes if it has been a long day, a bit of a powder down with my translucent powder and then a couple of coats of mascara is all it takes to fix up a look and help maintain the longevity!

My mascara love is my Too Faced ”Better than Sex” the most dramatic and completely black colour! This is an incredible mascara and if you haven’t tried it out I cannot recommend it enough!

P E R F U M E:

Perfume for me is a daily necessity, I know not everybody wears perfume daily, but I don’t feel full dressed without perfume on, it is a costly love overall, but that wont stop me! I always have a mini in my handbag and in my car, meaning that I can add a little something if I have forgotten or need some more!

I have been loving these minis from both Chloe and Dior, they have minis of all of the full sized perfumes, which I adore, Dior perfumes are my favourite all time, but I have a massive soft spot for the original Chloe perfume!


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