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Makeup geek cosmetics are some of the most talked about eyeshadows in the beauty world, they are so often raved about and generally just featured heavily in makeup blogs, instagrams and youtube videos. There is defiantly a lot of love for Makeup Geek cosmetics and the creator Marlena from MakeupGeekTV on youtube. After the hype of the Real Techniques brushes from the Chapman sisters I felt that it was my duty as a fellow beauty blogger to support those who have fearlessly created their own brand on the return of a social media success story, something that I applaud anybody for achieving!

So when I was emailed that the brand was having free international shipping with no minimum order, I felt that it was a great time to try out these shadows without having to pay roughly $25AUD on shipping. I decided to pick up 9 shadows as I already have a free half of a double sized z-palette to place the shadows.

Here are the nine shadows in my double sided z-palette which is filled with miscellaneous deported eyeshadows.

All shadow names by row, left to right.

Third row: Pretentious, Burlesque & Corrupt

Second row: Glamorous, Homecoming & Cocoa Bear

First row: Shimma Shimma, Purely Naked & Frappe

These shadows are a mixture of matte and shimmer, and are all the classic eyeshadow formulation, none being the intense metallic ”foiled eyeshadows”. With the weak Australian dollar these are not as cheap as they may be for the American shopper, but I cannot deny the high quality of this product, and definitively believe that they are well worth the money. Having never used a MAC eyeshadow in my life I cannot comment on the quality comparison of the two, but all I can say is that these are a very similar quality to that of my beloved Urban Decay eyeshadows and my Too Faced eyeshadows which I love so dearly.

My only criticism of the shadows is that they are quite powdery in the form that they are very pigmented, it was more of an initial user error on my behalf, but my main recommendation is to tap the brush lightly, rather than swirling in the product as I did, it is a similar issue with Lorac Pro eyeshadows, a little bit goes a long way in these Makeup Geek eyeshadows, so just be aware of that when using them for the first time!

I would highly recommend these shadows to anybody looking to expand a collection, start a collection or even do some freelancing work, as they have a large variety of colours available giving the option of being highly customisable, which is a huge bonus!

Another thing to be aware of as well is that the eyeshadows are sold only in individual pans, without any kind of compact so a palette is an obvious necessity, for example a Z-Palette or a MAC pro palette. Z-Palettes are also sold on the Makeup Geek website so there is an easy option if you do not already possess one!

Overall, if you are looking for affordable, single pan eyeshadows or even to create your own customisable eyeshadow palette with a variety of colours and finishes then I totally recommend these Makeup Geek shadows, with the shipping to Australia may be pricey, I will defiantly be looking into purchasing more of their shadows in the future along with some foiled eyeshadows, some of the pigments and maybe even some of the brushes because everything on the website looks amazing, and I have been nothing other than impressed with the quality of the products! Shipping to me in the Central Coast of Australia which is about 1-2 hours away from Sydney, which is considered regional NSW, for reference took around 8 working days, with tracking!

If you have any other questions about my experience or general use of these shadows, please don’t hesitate to ask!

As always, big love to you all x


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