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Brow pomades I believe to be a relatively new release to the makeup market, at least in the commercial market, I cannot comment on SFX makeup markets.

I have personally been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills ”Dip Brow Pomade” for over six months now, and is my absolute everyday eye brow product that I always use and never really fails, there was a little learning curb after going from using powder duo’s to a gel style product.

So when Chi Chi cosmetics, one of my favourite affordable brands launched their own ”Brow Pomade” I couldn’t help but test it out and I was determined to see if the two were comparable!

Anastasia Beverly Hills ”Dip Brow Pomade” retails for $18USD, which converts to $25.65AUD and the Chi Chi Cosmetics ”Brow Pomade” retails for $14.95AUD, which converts to $10.50USD. So with a difference of $15.15AUD & $7.50 which almost buys another of the Chi Chi ”Brow Pomade’s”! The packaging of the two is remarkably similar, both with a glass bottom containing the product and a plastic lid with the logo on both plastic lids.

There is a comparison photo below of packaging, shades, and swatches of both dark brown colours from either brand.

Excuse my dodgy fake tan in the arm swatches please!

The Anastasia Beverly Hills ”Dark Brown” is the above swatch and the Chi Chi Cosmetics ”Dark Brown” is the bottom swatch. As you can see the Chi Chi product is far creamier as that was only one swipe, it took two swipes of my Anastasia product to get a similar colour payoff, but keep in mind that my Anastasia product is six months old and the Chi Chi product has only been opened around 5 times, so of course the Chi Chi appears far creamier.

However, when I first purchased my Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade, it was very creamy also and had a far more gel like consistency, this changed with time as the product gradually dried out. At this stage I find the Anastasia product very easy to work with because it has dried out slightly meaning that more natural brow looks are easier to achieve rather than becoming too drawn on and cartoon style.

Overall, I think the two products are very similar, and I think with time my Chi Chi product will dry out similarly to my Anastasia product, when I initially used the Anastasia product I did not enjoy it at all as I found it far too creamy, but once I  learned to be more light handed with the product I have enjoyed it thoroughly ever since.

The first two or so times that I used the Chi Chi product I did not enjoy it at all, due to how creamy the product is, however there is a suggestion on the box saying to dip the brush, put it in the lid, and then removing excess product and only using a small amount, this is how I used the product there after, and found much better results!

If asked if the Chi Chi product is a dupe for the Anastasia product, I do believe it is, and if you have been following me for a long time, then you would know that I am very particular about naming ”dupes”. I understand that there will be some people that claim because of the creamy nature of the Chi Chi product that they are not dupes, but however I believe that the product performance is remarkably similar, therefore constituting a dupe product! If you are an Australia or New Zealand beauty lover than I totally recommend giving the Chi Chi product a chance, and please do follow the steps of placing the brush in the lid and the removing the excess product, allowing for more natural brows, but allowing for more control over the final product, which I love!

I use my Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush for both products as it is a very small angled brush with stiff bristles, and I totally recommend it!

I believe that I will continue to alternate between the two products, as I believe they are very interchangeable as far as final result is concerned. Let me know if you have any thoughts about either products or any further questions, as always big love to you all, and thank you for reading my blog post!

Here is a pretty fresh photo of the Chi Chi Cosmetics brow pomade, isn’t it just beautiful!

I have dark brown in both products, with a comparison of colours photo below.


  1. I absolutely love Chi Chi! I’ve only tried a few of their products, but I think they’re really nice quality for being a drugstore brand. This product looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to try an affordable brow pomade for a while, so I might try this out ­čÖé

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