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Oddly enough, I was truly hoping that I would hate this product. I bought this tiny little ‘travel size’ of the Hourglass “Mineral Veil Primer” for $26AUD, and it truly hurt passing over my card paying for it. There are conveniently three sizes of this primer, so testing it out regardless of how expensive was a fantastic way of dipping my toe in the primer pool. Having never been disappointed with any product I have tried from Hourglass before, I thought I owed myself the curiosity of trying out this highly raved about primer from such a luxurious brand!

After so many positive reviews I was hoping to be able to try this product out, say that it was overrated and disprove all the previous statements regarding the product, but no such luck. This is a little tiny travel size bottle of skin perfection! I have never used a primer and been this impressed, it’s just all round fantastic, I really have no faults, aside from the price.

For reference I have normal skin with oily patches, making me combination: normal to oily. The main differences I notice when wearing the primer is that it makes every foundation and even BB cream that I use look flawless on my skin, I notice such a big difference in the application of the liquid foundation style product, it goes on seamlessly and I do notice a positive improvement in the longevity of my makeup overall. It is now a daily essential for me and I hate the way my makeup looks without this primer.

I really wish I could fault this, but I can’t, the only other complaint that I have which may not be an issue for others is that it has SPF meaning that the product is not suitable for flash photography occasions, but meaning that it is perfect for everyday wear as it provides sun protection, but really a classic ”catch 22” when it comes to base makeup products. Regardless, I think I will need to pick up the ludicrously expensive ”jumbo size” for $105AUD from Mecca Maxima, it’s just too good to be true!

I have seen a couple of reports of people having their skin break out due to using this primer, and I have personally had no issues, but I do not have sensitive skin by anyones standards.

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