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I N N O X A | C R E A M | P A L E T T E:

This blog post will be a first impressions of this Innoxa cream colour correcting palette, which I have recently received.

After attending the Bloggers United Australia event in Sydney recently, the very extra large amount of goodies that I received has meant that there are so many new things for me to review! This cream concealer palette from Innoxa Australia a brand sold in Priceline, truly intrigued me! I aside from the very new released Australis cream contour kit, I have seen very few other cream palettes from affordable brands, which made me very curious about this one!

This palette while some make mistake it for a cream contouring palette which has been the latest hot trend, this palette is not, it is a colour correcting palette by design. This means that the palette is intended to correct pigmentation and correct colouring which is not desired, for example yellow corrects blue under eye bags, lavender is targeted at reducing yellow undertones and the green is aimed at covering redness. This kind of palette would be highly beneficial for anyone with targeted problem areas that still have difficulty covering areas with just foundation and concealer.

Swatches of the shades in the palette are below, as well as the pans.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

These creams are thick, but blend able, my first impression of this palette is that it can tend to sway a little cakey unless it is blended well, I used my fingers to blend the product, which I believe was my downfall. I did not use a brush, as I do not own an appropriate one, but I think that a beauty blender or another sponge would be a good way of diffusing the product, allowing to use the product, minus the cakey affect.

The colours are nice, but the concealer aspect of the palette is very limited, with only two concealer shades, both of which are far too dark for my face or under eyes.

I think if you are heavily interested in colour correcting as a concept, then you will like this palette, however personally it feels like a slightly un-neccesary step in my makeup regime for everyday, I think I will reserve it for occasions that I need more coverage or if there will be excessive photography in order to avoid redness, etc.

This is an innovative product from an affordable brand like Innoxa, but I do not believe that the average makeup user needs this product, however, I am happy to have this in my collection, being able to use it on special occasions, etc.

If you have any questions about this product, or requests for future reviews, please let me know!

As always, big love to you all, and thank you for reading if you have made it this far x

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  1. Great review! I’ve been giving in a whirl too and I think it was really good you clarified its not a contour kit. I tried to contour with the darkest shade and it actually made my cheekbones lighter! haha! The perils of having dark skin!

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