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If you follow my Instagram @faceofsjw , I am sure that you would have seen one of my more recent new discoveries regarding hair and hair styling being this brand new Silk Oil Of Morocco “Argan Steam Styler”, a product that I was so generously gifted by the company.

This product is a steam styler in which the water chamber is able to be infused with Argan Oil, which was provided. This meaning that ordinary heat styler looks are achieved without having the usual damage of simply using heat to style hair. Prior to using this steam styler from Silk Oil Of Morocco, I had owned one myself from VS Sasson and really enjoyed that it was steam based, rather than similar to ironing my hair!

Personally, I really recommend steam based stylers and have truly been loving this one from Silk Oil Of Morocco, as it heat styles my hair without leaving it feeling crispy like regular heat styling, but still manages to achieve which ever look I am wanting to achieve, straightening, waves or curls.

There is also temperature levels available on the styler, this allows for differing hair to be able to style their hair, without damaging it excessively. As I have very thick and long hair, I use the highest heat setting, as it makes styling my hair much faster, but without feeling like my hair is being damaged.

I love the innovation aspect of this product as it infuses my hair with Argan oil at the same time as heat styling it, allowing for my hair to remain nourished and soft, and also allowing me to continue to grow my hair which is already very long, without worrying about damaging it when using heat styling. While infusing my hair with Argan oil, there is no oily residue left on the hair and all it leaves behind is my hair feeling soft and well cared for!

This is a before and after, my hair is naturally curly, and I used the Argan Steam Styler to achieve the straight look from the second photo.

Overall, I am so highly impressed by this product and cannot recommend this Silk Oil of Morocco Argan Steam Styler, it is a very high quality product, and I have found now faults in the product, it is fantastic and I have since thrown out my old steam styler!

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