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I M A T S| S Y D N E Y | 2 0 1 5:

IMATS Sydney 2015 was held last Saturday, the 14th of November, in Moore Park Sydney. I was initially reluctant to go as I thought I would have to attend alone and, having never been before, I just wasn’t convinced. After feeling extra inspired after the Bloggers United AU event, I purchased my ticket on a whim, and looking back, I am so glad that I did!

I had a fantastic day at IMATS, and will defiantly be going again next year. The atmosphere was probably the highlight for me, a huge crowd of people all who love makeup, so easy to relate to for myself. Including in that atmosphere was the ladies that I spent the day with Ashley (@ashleymareebeauty), Sophia (@sophialcsmakeup) & Sarah (@beautybysarahhx), prior to this event, these ladies had previously only ever existed in an online capacity. So when I spontaneously bought this ticket, I immediately posted that I was going, and Ashley told me that she was flying up from Melbourne, so I felt much more comfortable!

Left to right: @ashleymareebeauty, @beautybysarahhx, @briiwright, @faceofsjw & @sophiaclsmakeup – all Instagram accounts.

The whole day was so lovely, aside from the awful Sydney spring storm, which did get me a little soggy, aside from that I couldn’t fault the day. However, I do have a few tips for anyone who is planning on attending an IMATS in the future, as I am personally, as I do intend to go next year.

My tips for IMATS:

  1. Look at the brands, speakers and presentations, in order to see what you want to look at most so you don’t miss out on anything, also so you don’t forget about a brand that you may not have walked past.
  2. Have a “semi” plan for purchases. By this I mean, have a general feeling for what you want to purchase, brands that you are after, all of those beautiful brands together can be very overwhelming!
  3. Go with friends or try to have people to meet up with. This makes the experience so much better, as with most things, it is best shared, and being able to get all excited with the other three girls, it made the whole experience more exciting and every purchase was well thought of and had either the voice of reason or an encouraging ‘you need that!’. What’s massive amounts of makeup shopping without someone to share the excitement?
  4. Bring plenty of money. While I don’t think you should spend the deposit of a house at the event, I think it is something that you should put a little money away once you know that you are attending, in order to make the whole experience worth it, it is only once a year after all, and the savings are really fantastic, as well as some brands that re difficult to find in store or online to Australia.
  5. Be assertive. Say ‘Hi’ to that person you follow on Instagram, ask them for a photo. As well as being a little braver in regards to the introduction aspect of the day, also be assertive when moving through crowds. Those shoppers mean business when shopping, so moving out of every bodies way, this will mean that you miss those lashes that you wanted, the brush that you couldn’t live without or the last foundation in your colour. I do not advocate pushing or any form of rudeness, but let’s look after our selves!
  6. Lastly, take lots of photo’s, it is only once a year, and it’s a lot of fun!

Now, I will share the beautiful goodies that I got my little paws all over. I stuck to my second rule and had a mild plan for purchases and I am really glad that I did, it meant that I didn’t get distracted, and had a general plan, resulting in no disappointment from me! I’ll talk about the products, per stall!

My jumpsuit is from SomeDays Lovin (sold at General Pants & online), denim jacket is Topshop Australia & Boots are Lipstik.

Jeffree Star sponsored by MakeupNet:

All three are liquid lipsticks, I love Jeffree Star formula and there are so many colours, some very classic, other’s slightly less so.

  • Unicorn Blood – A deep, dark, rusty red. It is a great Autumn & Winter colour, but I think very versatile for skin tones, occasions and seasons. It’s a gorgeous colour I’ve been crushing on for a long time, no thanks to MannyMua!
  • Weirdo – This is a jet black, matte liquid lipstick. Really nothing more to say, some may believe it is impractical, and it probably is, but I couldn’t help myself and really don’t regret my decision.
  • Androgyny – The most unique colour that I think I have in my collection! It is purple, but brown, but slightly rosy, honestly it is like trying to describe the notes of a perfume, look up swatches and you will not be disappointed! This was originally a Limited Edition shade from the Christmas collection, but has quickly been added to the permanent collection after its popularity.

Sigma Brushes sponsored by Redefining Beauty:

Sigma Brushes are some of my favourites makeup brushes and I truly believe that they are worth the price tag. Having owned some of my Sigma brushes for almost two years, I cannot testify towards their quality enough! No shedding, no breaking and no issues when washing them!

  • F05 – Small Contour: This is very similar to the average large powder brush, but far smaller, it is an adorable little brush that I think it very multi use! I would use this for contour, blush, bronzer or setting the under eyes with powder, a brush that everybody could do with in their collection!
  • E40 – Tapered Blending: My second E40, my other is a little slanted, and has been very well loved, I will still keep that one, but will use this one on higher rotation! It is a classic blending crease brush, a little larger than you may imagine, but I recommend holding at the end of the brush to have a diffused look. Another that I believe everybody should own!
  • E06 – Winged Liner: I blame Sophia for this one! Well, not entirely, I asked the ladies for a liner brush recommendation, and if you’ve ever seen Sophia’s eyeliner on her Instagram, when she recommended this brush, I knew I had to get it. Super tiny and angled perfectly, I can’t wait to try out gel liner using this little gem!

Skindinavia sponsored by Rouche Boutique:

I have never tried Skindinavia products before, but they are the creators of Urban Decay setting sprays, and I have heard they are even better, so when I heard they were coming to IMATS I thought it would be the perfect time to try them out for a discounted price!

  • Makeup Finishing Spray – This is a finishing spray for over makeup and I am very excited to try out, I have no experience, nor first impressions, but if it is even better than the Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ which is my current favourite, then I will be a happy lady! This claims to last up to 16 hours, and suitable for all skin types.
  • Makeup Primer Spray – I have no experience or first impressions with this either, but this claims to be a primer spray that acts as a primer, I am curious to see if this works best with another primer, or alone? This is silicone free and claims to also be suitable for all skin types.

Velour Lashes:

This was a splurge product, as they are pricey lashes, but they are mink lashes that are meant to last 30-40 wears.

  • WhispieMeAway – These are some of Velour’s more natural lashes, but still stunning. I wanted a pair that I would get plenty of use out of, rather than a pair that I felt were uncomfortably dramatic. I have just never owned lashes with such luxurious packaging, but I suppose you get what you pay for, and I can’t wait to try these out!

ModelRock Lashes:

I have never used ModelRock lashes before personally, but they look similar to Red Cherry packaging, and are aimed at a similar market. They have a thin invisible band, and all the styles I picked were very similar to say the least, but I thought having never tried them that I would grab a couple of different styles, see if I really enjoy any in case I decide to make future purchases, I also got a Duo glue as it was half price and having bought 6 pairs of lashes I thought I would need some glue to go with! The styles are:

  • #43S

  • #217
  • #DW

  • #529 – My favourites of the bunch from looking at them, the most crossing of the lashes which I love for a more natural look.

  • 1 pair unknown – I really hope these aren’t my favourites because they have no description or label, so I have no idea what style these are sadly.

Overall, in case it wasn’t blatantly obvious, I had a hugely enjoyable time at IMATS Sydney 2015, and hope to attend 2016! It is an experience that I highly recommend, and I think that the tips above could be greatly helpful to having the most enjoyable IMATS experience, regardless of the location internationally. Mostly I just love that there is an event dedicated to people that love makeup as much as I do, it was a lovely day to be a part of and has left me inspired to keep working at the art of makeup and so glad that I interact with so many different people on social media.

@beautybysarahhx & I at our lunch break – wearing Jeffree Star ‘I’m Nude’ liquid lipstick on my lips.

@sophiaclsmakeup & I at lunch in between shopping stints at IMATS.

If you have any questions about the product, IMATS in general, or if you have any recommendations for how to use any of the products that I have purchased, please let me know! As always, big love to you all x


    1. They are gorgeous, so happy with what I got! No worries, I had never been before and there were a couple of things that I think make the whole experience more enjoyable, but you should totally go the LA IMATS, they would be so much bigger than the Sydney event! Thank you so much for reading xx

    1. It was such a great day! I already love my other Sigma Brushes so I was very excited to get some more, and always love trying something new! Thank you for reading x

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