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I was recently sent this home waxing kit from Veet to test out and post a review of, and I was very excited to use this strapless waxing kit at home, as I had never used one before.


I have personally had my legs waxed before as one of my Mum’s close friend’s is a beautician, but I personally love the convenience of being able to shave at home at my own discretion, and also waxing in total can become costly, as well as having to wait for leg hairs to grow long enough to be able to be waxed off. So, with all this in mind, I wanted to be open minded about this kit, as it offers a happy medium. The convenience of at home maintenance, but also mixed with the long lasting effects of waxing.

I have used this twice, as first impressions with products like this can be very tricky as a product such as this does take some getting used to and a bit of trial and error is what I personally discovered.

The kit comes with discs, and there is a small description of how many is needed depending on what you are planning on waxing, place the discs in the container, and then leave it, stirring often to soften the wax. This was so simple to do, and I loved that it was easy to soften the wax and I didn’t need to worry about temperature control as it reaches the optimum temperature and does not loose heat or burn the wax.

Another thing that I loved was how soft this product made my legs feel after waxing! The skin was so soft, a little red but that settled about an hour after waxing, so waking up the next morning and nobody needs to know!


This kit is beyond easy to use, and trust me I can mess up anything, so this was easy for me to use and I could make this work for me.

Tips from me to you in regards to using this kit, or really any other kind of strapless waxing kit:

  • Smaller strips are easier to rip off than larger ones.
  • Leave the wax on for around 30 seconds, longer or shorter and the results aren’t as good.
  • It doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much as you may think, so just go for it!
  • The quicker you rip the wax off, the better the results.
  • When applying the wax, make them a little thicker than you may first imagine worked the best in my opinion.

To me when following the above steps, the waxing kit works the best. I think that there is a real element of trial and error, it worked really well taking off the majority of the hair that I was attempting to remove. It is very easy to use and is simple enough to do alone at home, without too much fuss.

Another huge positive in my opinion is how easy this was to clean up, the wax does not require a strip so, the whole experience is relatively mess free, which I think is a plus!


Overall, if you are someone that is searching for an at home waxing kit that is relatively inexpensive, and easy to use then I completely recommend this one, especially if you are just after something basic to try waxing out at home, without needing assistance.

If you have any further questions about the product, please feel free to comment on this post, I do my best to reply to all comments, or comment on my Instagram photo of the product as I am constantly contactable on there! As always big love to you all, and thank you for reading x





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