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I know it has been a while since I have posted a blog monthly favourites and it’s something that I really miss, these are probably my favourite blog posts to create and defiantly my favourite blog posts to read and Youtube videos to watch. There have been quite a few new products to me recently, with a mixture of IMATS Sydney & Priceline having their 40% off cosmetics sale, meaning that I have dabbled in quite a few new makeup and other items lately.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks:

I could not just choose one colour of these liquid lipsticks, because I have fallen in love with all five that I own. These are one of the few liquid lipsticks that I have tried out, but after hearing so many positive reviews about the Jeffree Star Cosmetics, I thought that these would be great one’s try out. The first two I bought were ‘Redrum’ & ‘I’m Nude’, and after those two, I was hooked, so I picked up three more at IMATS Sydney. I added ‘Weirdo’, ‘Androgyny’ & ‘Unicorn Blood’. These are long lasting, comfortable on the lips and relatively transfer proof. The colour range is totally unique, I truly recommend these liquid lipsticks to anybody who is interested in trying out some long wearing lip colours.


Australis Original Primer:

This was a purchase from the Priceline 40% off cosmetics sale, as I have very few primers that I really love and thought that a sale was the perfect time to be trying things out. This is a silicone free, paraben free primer that also does not contain SPF as far as I am aware. This makes it the perfect base for photography, as it will minimise flashback, but still leaving the skin as a clean canvas for further makeup application. This primer is not to the same standard as my holy grail Hourglass ‘Mineral Veil’ but it is still a great everyday primer that I have thoroughly enjoyed for the majority of November.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer ‘Light – Warm’:

This concealer was a real hunt to get my hands on, as my local Mecca Maxima was consistently sold out, as well as online, the hype around this product was impossible to avoid on Yotube videos, and I now understand why. This concealer offers full coverage, but the feeling of ‘skin’, the light weight texture makes it far more desirable than the majority of other full coverage concealers. I have been loving this for highlighting my face and under eyes, as it is too light to cover blemishes, despite the texture making that possible. I can really understand why this concealer was so heavily talked about online, as it truly is a fantastic full coverage, but yet comfortable concealer. I have been using this religiously lately.

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Ardell Natural Demi Wipsies ‘120’:

These are my first love in terms of fake lashes, they are just the perfect mixture of dramatic enough to make it worth wearing fake lashes, but not so much that I feel like a toddler in a tiara. They are around the $10 mark and depending on how well they are treated, I think you could get around 5 wears out of them, making them very inexpensive, especially considering how beautiful they are on the eye. The invisible band makes these super easy to apply to the eye, so I can say with confidence that these lashes are easy to apply for beginners to false lashes, such as myself.

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Skindinavia Setting Spray & Primer Spray:

These spray’s were expensive, even on sale at IMATS Sydney, but I totally understand what the hype was all about. These are the two best sprays that I have ever used, I have never found another setting or primer spray to have the same kind of affect that these two do. While I still use a primer and a finishing powder, but I still love these two for days when I need my makeup to really last longer than usual, these two are perfect! They extend the wear of my makeup, and also are fantastic during Summer time when I don’t feel like wearing a heap of product, but still want longevity and clean makeup.


Loving Tan – 2 Hour Express ‘Dark’:

This fake tan is everywhere online and so highly hyped up, all anybody can rave about is this tan, and it all just makes sense after using it. It is an incredible tan, the darkest I have used, and it’s not even the darkest shade in the range, while it is more expensive than any other tan I have used, it is also the longest wearing tan. I normally only get one shower out of a fake tan, but this tan lasts around a week, which probably means that the price differences evens out in the amount used compared with price. It is a natural looking olive colour with a green base, and does not rub off on clothing after the first shower. I really recommend this tan to anybody who really enjoys fake tan and wants something high quality and long lasting.

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As always, thank you so much for reading, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I do my best to reply to all, but as this is scheduled for when I am in Europe, replying may be a little slow or sporadic. Big love to you all x




  1. I need to get myself some of these Jeffree Star lipsticks! They look amazing 😀 Also, I love the Skindinavia setting spray! I love your post girl xx
    Talia xo

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