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With Valentines Day coming in less than a week, there is no need to stress about February 14th, regardless if you’re spending it with someone special or even a friend. This day can just be any other to put on a makeup look that makes you feel beautiful.

Something that always gives me confidence and makes me feel beautiful in my makeup is a red lip! Red lipstick can be worn on almost any occasion, and I really believe that it can totally put together any look.

I love many different types of red lips, while separate they all may look the same, red lipstick comes in many different shades, tones, formula and finishes. That is what I love about a good red lipstick, it can be so different to any other.

So I have collected my favourite red lipsticks in quite a few different formulas and finishes, with something to suit just about every budget! So if you choose to use this on a special Valentines Day date, then I hope you have a great night, and if you choose to use one of these red lips for dinner and drinks with friends or even brunch with the family, I hope you enjoy wearing a red lip as much as I do!

Please let me know what your favourite red lipstick is below as I am quite the collector of red lipsticks and I don’t think you can ever find the perfect lipstick, but I will continue to hunt, for research purposes of course!

So here is the best of the bunch from my collection, there is a mixture of lip crayons, traditional lipsticks and liquid lipsticks:

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Maybelline Bold Matte ”Deep Red”:

Like the other Maybelline lipsticks in this line up, this a creamy formula with a natural style finish, I wouldn’t call it matte, but it doesn’t have a gloss or sheen to it. Sits beautifully on the lips, but does transfer, so be careful if you’re planning on eating a drinking lots, because this will need a top up!

Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Crayon ”Red Essential”:

This is a super creamy lip crayon that never feels heavy or dry on the lips, while this will transfer with eating or drinking it is very easy to reapply and so small and compact that bringing it with you can be desecrate when touching up the colour. The creamy formula makes this one of my favourites and is is quite a deep red, which to me adds a slight sophistication to any makeup look.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick ”Redrum”:

This is probably my best recommendation as far as long wearing red lip’s go, is the Jeffree Star liquid lipstick formula. There is no transfer with this formula, no crusting inside lip line and the colour remains immaculate for hours even through drinking and eating. A great lip colour if you love the classic blue toned red that will bring out the whiteness of your teeth!

Maybelline Colour Blur ”Cherry Cherry Bang Bang”:

This is another blue based red, very much like the majority in the lineup and comes in a thin lip crayon style, it has a rubber smudger on the other end, meaning that an ombre lip is simple to achieve. I enjoy the way this one feels on the lips, and dries a little bit more matte than the most lip crayon formats.

Maybelline Creamy Matte ”Divine Wine”:

This the creamiest of all of the traditional lipsticks mentioned, and probably my best recommendation, it is a slightly deeper red as well, and is the most matte of the lipsticks. This colour may not be available in all Australian stores, but is available in the UK and US, so I’m sure it will make it’s way to the Australian stores soon!

Chi Chi Cosmetics ”Corporate Femme”:

A classic red, and a formula I adore, like all the non liquid lipsticks this will have a slight transfer of colour when eating or drinking, but is comfortable enough and creamy enough not be a hassle when re-applying, Chi Chi lipsticks are some of my favourite affordable lipsticks and they have a huge colour range selection, varying from warm reds to cooler reds, with orange based all the way to the deepest looking red. With so many different colours and finishes there is always something in the Chi Chi line up for everyone.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick ”Fiery”:

This is another liquid lipstick and is more mousse based texture compared to the very liquid based Jeffree Star selection. I enjoy how this liquid lipstick feels on the lips and cannot fault the colour, it sits directly between ”Redrum” & ”Unicorn Blood” it isn’t too deep or too much of a classic red, but as seriously unique red that I think would suit every skin tone and under tone, the perfect balance of warm and cool.

NudeStix Intense Matte Lip & Cheek Pencil ”Royal”:

The newest of the whole selection to my collection is this NudeStix matte pencil, which is even a new launch to their brand as well. This colour is the perfect classic blue toned cool red, but with a subtle hint of something darker, which I love! While this brightens the appearance of teeth, it is also so comfortable on the lips that it does not feel heavy at any stage of wear. I also love how this colour wears off so evenly, and the ease of reapplication.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick ”Unicorn Blood”:

My personal recommendation if you love a deep dark vampy red, but want a unique colour. This Jeffree Star colour is your classic sexy deep red, but with a hint of brown in it which makes the colour even more universal and add’s something extra to what could have been an already done colour. The formula I cannot fault as it does not transfer even after hours of wear, eating and drinking!

Milani ”Matte Confident”:

This is probably the driest of the traditional lipsticks offered in this post, but that is due to the intense pigmentation, and the longevity being the highest from the traditional lipsticks. This has the most pleasant smell in my opinion and offers a long wearing lipstick, but with a more creamy texture than a liquid lipstick. While this is not available in store in Australia, there are many online stores that offer Milani products, and I personally enjoy every Milani lipstick that I have tried!

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