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F E B R U A R Y | F A V O U R I T E S:

Another month has come and gone, and I have so many things that I have been loving, makeup and skin care related, as there have been no hair care loves for me this month! While I haven’t actually bought much or any new makeup over the month of February, this has given me a good opportunity to use some products that may become neglected within my collection.

M A K E U P:

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Wiz ‘Ebony’:

This brow product has been very popular for a while now and I understand that I am very late to the bandwagon, but regardless I am here and ready to sing praises! I have not been a huge fan of brow pencils in a while, or really since I was 16 & 17 and first doing my eyebrows horrendously, but this has totally changed my opinion! I love this for days that I want simple makeup, but still obviously want my brows to look like they have had some effort put into them. The colour ‘Ebony’ is a little dark on me, but with a lighter brow gel with some warmth making my brows look more natural.


Makeup Revolution – Blush Palette ‘Golden Sugar’:

This palette was one from my European haul, and I have been dipping into it very often lately, mostly loving it for it’s ability to multi task and serve several functions. While I often prefer a matte blush, this palette is full of shimmer and sheen, making my cheeks look glowing from within, I love that there is no chunky glitter so this is perfect for days that I don’t feel like highlighting specifically but don’t want a solely matte face. This palette also multitasks and certain shades are able to be used as highlighters and other shades are also gorgeous as eyeshadows for all over the lid, with such an inexpensive price tag I really cannot recommend this enough, to anybody!IMG_0104.JPG

Urban Decay Cosmetics – Naked Basics Original:

This was a product that I most certainly picked up because of the brand it came from and the hype that surrounded it, but however this product certainly has sat toward the bottom of my collection for some time now, and while I am slightly more drawn toward the second addition the Naked Basics, I have been cracking into this little palette lately. It is perfect for the ‘basics’ of any eyeshadow look, as all are matte and make the perfect simple matte eye or great in combination with other eyeshadows, with the great quality that I personally expect from Urban Decay.


Maybelline – SuperStay Nail Polish ‘Rose Poudre’:

This nail polish is pure perfection when I have tan on! I find that this warm rosy hued nude is not the kindest on my skin when pale, but as soon as I have a tan on, this becomes the perfect subtle nude, without being washed out or dull. I really love the rosy undertones to it and think that it goes with any to every outfit and colour combination.


S K I N C A R E:

Loving Tan – 2 Hour Express ‘Dark’:

From the first time that I used this tan, I knew it was my total all time favourite. It is an incredible tan that leaves my skin looking such a dark natural, green based tan that lasts around a week. This tan is the most expensive that I have used at over $30, but considering how long wearing and highly pigmented this tan is, it is fantastic value for money. I find that the 2 Hour Express is slightly darker than the regular dark mousse in the Loving Tan range, but I don’t know if that is just me!


Natural Secrets – Goats Milk Moisturising Hand Cream:

This hand cream from Natural Secrets is something that has sat on my desk for some time now, and remained untouched for a while, until I had used up one of my favourite hand creams and needed to open a new one. If you follow me on my snapchat (@faceofsjw) then you will know that it is my current obsession. I love the subtle scent of this hand cream, but I honestly cannot quite place what the scent is, a very light floral, but gorgeous. The hand cream absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a residue or a heavy feeling. It is 95% organic ingredients, and I think a really excellent product.


Weleda – Evening Primrose Concentrate:

This concentrate is very new to my skincare regime, and I have already been loving it. It comes in the form of an oil style base, with a dropper applicator, which makes it easy to customise the amount of product to be used. It is a milky colour and lightweight consistency, and feels light on the skin. There is a light scent, similar to that of lavender, which is the primrose coming through. I enjoy this product of an evening, before going to sleep, and I wake up with my skin feeling so plump and moisturised. I think this product would be perfect for mature skin as well.




    1. It is so stunning! I got mine in the UK, but I know that Makeup Revolution ships its products internationally if you don’t live in the United Kingdom. Thank you for reading x

      1. Oh well perfect, it was super drug that I picked mine up from, so that shouldn’t be too hard for you to find, enjoy! x

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