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This is my first empties post, as I normally use products up at random times and then forget to save them, meaning that I don’t have many at one time. However, since coming back from travelling overseas and not having as much money for buying products initially, I found myself using up old products much faster than usual.


Vera Wang Princess perfume:

This is probably the first perfume since Britney Spears that I have used the whole perfume bottle up. This perfume is honestly, not my favourite. My favourite kinds of scents are Dior J’adore and Chanel Noir, I like scents with a bit more sophistication, rather than scents such as this one from Vera Wang. It is a very pleasant scent, but is probably a bit sweet for my taste. I will not be repurchasing, and this was a gift, but I think it would be lovely for someone just starting to wear perfume, who wants something young and sweet.


Face of Australia – Translucent Loose Powder:

This powder I used mainly for baking my under eyes, I am not a huge fan of loose setting powders for all over the face, I much prefer a pressed powder. However, this loose powder is perfect for baking, as it comes in a large container, and has so much product considering it is under $15AUD, making it very affordable and a great alternative to more expensive options. I have already repurchased this and recommend it to anyone in Australia who can get their hands on this product.

Bare Minerals – Well Rested setting powder:

My all time favourite under eye setting powder! This is a loose little powder that brightens the under eyes unlike anything I have ever used. It is not totally yellow based, or neutral based, it is a total holy grail of mine. I have not repurchased yet, but will soon. This was a recommendation from Shannnxo, and mine lasted me around a year, so I totally recommend this for people with a little colour to their skin, as I find this a little too yellow when I am at my fairest. As you can see it is very well loved from the picture below.


Dove – Invisible Dry Deodorant:

I have already repurchased this product, and while it may not be the most exciting product, it is a great addition when tanning as it leaves no white marks and doesn’t take away from underarm tan, so I love using this when fake tanning. I am normally one for roll on deodorant, because I think that the roll on normally offers more scent protection through out the day, but it does rub off tan, so spray deodorants are the way to go when tanning in my opinion.

Loving Tan – 2 Hour Express ‘Dark’:

This is a total favourite of mine, that I will repurchase once I have used up other tans that I am currently using. This has been mentioned in favourites posts previously and is my total favourite tan. It is a beautiful tan, that is green based, it develops on the skin so quickly and lasts around a week on my skin.

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Essence – Express Dry Drops:

These express dry drops are a product that I adore, they are available from various companies and are majority alcohol based, meaning that it dries nail polish so much faster than leaving them to air dry. The essence ones are the cheapest that I have come across, and work the same as any other brand. I recommend these if you are impatient like me or struggle with time.

Garnier – Micellar Water:

This is a hugely popular product for removing makeup, without requiring any washing of the face. This is another lazy day product, I personally hate using makeup wipes as I feel like they just rip my skin off, but this micellar water is far more gentle. This does not remove every scrap of makeup, but does the best when I am feeling lazy. I have already repurchased it, and is not the first repurchase for me. This product is also great for cleaning dirty makeup packaging, and makeup bags, so a good little multi-tasker.

Model Co – Instant Bronze Mousse ‘Dark’:

This is my best recommendation if you want to tan, and spend the bare minimum. This is a really fantastic product that I have used for a long time now, it may not be my favourite tan since using Loving Tan, but I rate it far higher than a lot of tans on the market. I love the colour of this tan as it is green based, but my only issue is that I find that it only lasts about two showers, and as someone who lives in a hot climate showering everyday is a necessity.




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