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This is a bit of a cheeky blog post about 10 products, under $10 in Australian stores. While there are products that are available overseas far cheaper, for example ColourPop cosmetics, when factoring in shipping to Australia, they are not the $5USD that they are advertised as. So this is strictly, things that are available in stores in Australia, meaning that there are no shipping fees or any other associated costs with the products!

While makeup in Australia is far more expensive in comparison to the United States of America, there are still some gems available in the more affordable makeup market meaning that you can catch a bargain from time to time.

Essence Lip Liner – $2.00:

There are a variety of shades available, and while it is a limited selection of around 5, I still cannot recommend these lip liners enough. There are in a pencil form, and creamy enough to be applied all over the lip without any discomfort. I really enjoy them for everyday use especially, as they are so easy to apply, and so affordable that I don’t worry about using them often.


Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Crayon – $9.95:

These are the creamiest lip crayon/pencils that I have ever used, coming in a few different shades, having reds, purple, orange, pink and nudes, meaning that there is a little something for everyone. These are so comfortable on the lips, and easy to wear all day, re application is also very easy thanks to the excellent texture! They are compact little pencil shapes, so they are also convenient when in a hurry or even in a small bag.


Ardell Natural Demi Wispies ‘Black’ – $9.95:

These are my favourite eyelashes, for multiple reasons, not only because they are affordable lashes, widely available in stores in Australia, Priceline & Blooms Chemist as some examples! They are also super comfortable lashes that have an invisible band, meaning that applying these strip lashes is super easy, even for beginners. These are a relatively natural looking lash with a bit of drama on the edges, but not too much that it looks over the top.


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil ‘Milk’ – $9.95:

This is a very large pencil eyeshadow stick that can be used as a base or as an eyeshadow alone. The shade ‘milk’ is a stark white colour, which means that it is perfect as a brightening eyeshadow base for colour shadow application. There are other colours within the range of product, which would be more appropriate as an all over shadow alone, or even bring out the colours of other shadows.


Maybelline Express Nail Polish Remover – $9.95

This product is a lazy persons dream, I hate taking off nail polish, but I also hate having chipped nail polish, so it’s a bit of a vicious cycle, which is why this product is so damn perfect for me! It is a small tub filled with foam and soaked in nail polish remover, with a small hole in the middle, simply put your finger in and swivel it around, and voila, nail polish be gone, and for under $10AUD, it’s a great time to be a lazy nail person.


Chi Chi Makeup Blending Sponge ‘Various Colours’ – $5.95:

This is a makeup blending sponge, based off the original beauty blender, and there are plenty of other dupes for this product, but the Chi Chi is my personal favourite for under $10, so if you are not convinced on the concept of a beauty sponge, then I really recommend this one. It is a bouncy sponge, that swells well under water, and applies liquid products beautifully. There is also a 4 pack of these sponges, but that is not under $10 sadly.

ELF Studio Powder Brush – $8.00:

This is a flat top style brush, which is incredibly dense, while I know some people like using this for liquid foundation, I personally love it for it’s intended purpose, of a powder brush. It applies powder evenly, and also can be used as high coverage application or be lightly dusted, for minimal coverage, especially depending on the powder being used. The entire ELF Studio liner is fantastic, while I do not recommend the cheaper original brush line, the slightly more expensive ‘studio’ line I can highly recommend, except the stippling brush, I hated that brush!


NYX Powder Blush ‘Various Colours’ – $9.95:

I have two of the NYX powder blushes and love them for their longevity and shade range. There are so many shades in the range, and I love how they last on my skin meaning that in my eyes these are a total winner in my eyes. My own criticism is that the majority of the blushes include some level of shimmer or sheen, which is unfortunate for days that I would prefer a matte blush, regardless I love these blushes and they also have lots of colours which are dupes for more expensive blushes.


Dove Beauty Bar – $2.00:

This is not a product that I use for its skincare uses but for its brush cleaning abilities. It is a bar based cleaner of sorts that is perfection for cleaning beauty blenders and other beauty sponges with. It is also very affordable and can be found for under $1.00AUD in some cases, but I thought that $2.00 was a well under the $10.00AUD mark. This is all I use to clean my beauty sponges and does it so well, total affordable beauty find.

Nivea Mens After Shave Balm – $9.35:

This product is a well spoke of beauty hack that is wildly popular in the beauty community thanks to Nikkie Tutorials. This is a fantastic primer for oily skin and even seems to be quite popular with people with normal and dry skin. All I can say is personally this product prolongs my makeup and works far better than the majority of my primers that were actually designed to prime the face for foundation. I picked this up while in France and it served me so well during long days of travelling whilst in Europe, and I have been loving it at home in Australia too. The main ingredient in this product is glycerine, also found in majority of primers, which is designed to help products adhere to the glycerin, meaning the perfect canvas for makeup to be applied!












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