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As many of you may remember from early December 2015 to late January 2016, I was travelling through Europe with one of my best friends. I had an incredible time while travelling, but it really made me think about what products became a necessity in my makeup collection, and some skincare items that really shouldn’t be left behind either. Although I was backpacking and travelled relatively light, I still picked up quite a few makeup products, which I am sure you remember from my “European Haul” blog post which talked about all the makeup that I purchased while overseas.

So I will share some of the products that I think everybody need while travelling and recommend some categories of products that came in extra handy while away from my full skincare and makeup collection for 6 weeks. I will also give three alternative products to each suggestion, making it easier to see what suits your skin, preference or budget!

BOLD LIPSTICK: This is a product that I think should not be undervalued when travelling, especially during colder periods. I was in Europe during December and January, meaning that it was average 5 degree’s Celsius each day, some days colder some days warmer, but regardless, lots of layers were worn. A bold lipstick is by far the easiest way to change up a look day to day and gives the ability to make even the most simple makeup look far more interesting. I opted for a selection of Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks giving me even more option, they were so long wearing that touch ups were often un-necessary and comfortable to wear all day, low maintenance makeup is key when travelling.


I also would recommend:

  • Stila ‘Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks’
  • Maybelline ‘Colour Drama’ lip crayons
  • NYX ‘Intense Butter Gloss’





NAIL POLISH: This may seem like the kind of thing you forget when packing, but I cannot insist enough how nice it was looking down at my hands and seeing a nice red nail. During my time travelling the only part of my body visible were my hands and face, so adding a bit of interest on my nails really helped add something to an outfit for me. Also because so many of my outfits were based around either black, grey or cream, a red nail polish really went a long way, I brought with me the Maybelline SuperStay nail polish in ‘Red

I also would recommend:

  • Essie ‘Canyon Coral’
  • Orly ‘Haute Red’
  • Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra ‘Rock N’ Roll’



NETURAL BLUSH: This is something that I was so glad I decided on, I took MAC Cosmetics ‘Melba’ with me and this blush literally goes with every makeup look, there is no shimmer or glitter to it and it is such a basic colour, which may seem boring, but it meant that I was free to wear my bold lipstick and not worry that the two were going to clash, always a positive. Also if you are walking around a lot like I was on my holiday then you will gain a natural flush in your cheeks similar, giving the appearance of flushes cheeks, meaning that a light handed neutral blush is your best bet! A small blush palette would probably be my best recommendation if you can spare the room, as that is the ultimate show of options!

I also would recommend:

  • Rimmel ‘Santa Rose’
  • Tarte ‘Bling It On’ blush palette (Limited Edition)
  • Benefit ‘SugarBomb’




LIP BALM: This could by far be my biggest recommendation, for those days that I couldn’t be bothered with a bold lip, my saviour was Maybelline Baby Lips. Especially during times when cold winds were freezing my face, dry lips were the last thing I felt like dealing with, so a lip balm was an absolute essential, wind burn was ┬ánot on my list of things to do while travelling!

I also would recommend:

  • Nivea ‘Lip Butter’
  • Burts Bees ‘Nourishing’ in ‘Mango’
  • Burts Bees ‘Caramel Daisy’ – slight brown nude colour, very flattering!


HAIR OIL: This hair oil is something that I use every single time that I wash my hair and without it I think that I would never have gotten my hair to the length it is now, which is almost touching my bum! I rub two pumps of this in the ends of my hair when it is wet, and voila, no breakage or split ends, and it just makes my hair feel so healthy and strong.

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* Sorry that there are no other product options, but this is the only hair oil that I use, but feel free to add any suggestions in the comments.

FACE OIL: This is a regret of mine, from not bringing a face oil with me, as I think that my skin really suffered while I was away from my normal skincare routine! My personal favourite is the Rosehip Plus Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil! It is a total favourite of mine, and helps hydrate my skin intensively, works miracles overnight.


I also would recommend:

  • Goodness Skincare ‘Chia Seed Oil’
  • Weleda ‘Evening Primrose Concentrate’
  • Josie Maran ‘Light Argan Oil’



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I also would recommend:

  • Dove Silky Body Moisturiser


Aside from all the products I took with me, I had an amazing time overseas with one of my best friends, both going to places we had never been and seeing some beautiful things. I loved all of my travels and would highly recommend everywhere that we went to:

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Prauge, Czech Republic
  • Salzburg, Austria
  • Munich, Germany
  • Cologne, Germany
  • Pairs, France
  • London, United Kingdom

I was fascinated by the style, history, architecture and language of Europe, with so many similarities to Australia, but with so many subtle differences. So below I have shared some of my absolute favourite travel photos to give you a small insight into my time over seas, but if you would like to see more of my travel photos there are quite a few on my personal Instagram account @sarahjanewardle.














As always thank you very much for reading, and if you have any questions about any of the products or my travels, please feel free to ask, I try to respond to every question!








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